Our Daily Manna September 21, 2017: ODM devotional – The 50-Year Marriage Anniversary: Satan Is After Your Good Name

Our Daily Manna September 21, 2017: ODM devotional – The 50-Year Marriage Anniversary: Satan Is After Your Good Name

Topic — The 50-Year Marriage Anniversary: Satan Is After Your Good Name! [Thursday 21 September, 2017]

(Genesis 39:1-23).

A couple was to celebrate their 50th marriage anniversary. The man was so excited that he decided to tell his wife the truth concerning certain dark areas of his life. The following conversation ensued between them:

The Husband: “Honey, I wanted to be honest with you in our marriage. I have cheated you only once and have a child outside. I am very sorry. Please forgive me.”

Wife: “Oh, never mind darling, I suspected long ago and I have decided to forgive you long ago. I also want to be honest with you too. You know our seventh child?” Husband: Yeah……. What about him?”

Wife: “He has a different father.”

Husband: “Who”

Wife: “You”

Oh! Did you get the message of the wife to the husband? She was telling the husband that of all their children, only the 7th child belonged to the man. The remaining 6 children in the marriage came from another man or men. Oh, what a world! The man decided to swallow the bitter pill because he was not innocent either! God has these message for you today:

(A) – Be careful what you sow because you will surely reap it in multiples.

(B) –Never judge others! You are not perfect yourself.

(C) – Resist every action that will bring shame and reproach to your name later in life. The weapon of Joseph even in battles of false accusation was integrity.

Never forget this: Your highest asset/collateral in life is not your properties or money, but a good name. Satan is after it. Keep it by force! Keep it by fire!

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Prayer Points: Take any song of worship as led.

1. Lift up your hands and praise the Lord for another great day! Pray about today’s message as led.

2. Repent from the things that can break the hedge in your life and ministry.

3. Holy Ghost, empower me not to defile my name! Empower me to be too hot for every evil power.

4. I command every enemy seeing my life, family and ministry to dry up by fire in Jesus Christ name (Pray it seriously). Pray about today as led now! See pages 7-9 prayers.

By Bishop (Dr) Chris E. Kwakpovwe (Cek)
Publisher/Writer Of ODM And

Rev (Mrs) Flora E. Kwakpovwe (Fek)
Co-Publisher/Writer Of ODM.

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