Ten different couples lay inside a pink coffin for their wedding today at Wat Takien temple in Nonthaburi province, on the outskirts of Bangkok. The couples believe that laying briefly in the coffin will get rid of bad luck and usher happiness into their lives.

Participants made offerings to the monks before taking their places side-by-side in the large pink coffin – floral bouquets held to their chests. The monks then draped a large white sheet across them – representing their death – and performed chants usually reserved for funerals. The prayers ended with blessings for a new life.

According to Bangkok Post, abbot Phra Kru Samu Sa-ngob Kittkayo said the ceremony meant the bride and groom would start their life anew after coming out of the coffin with all bad luck banished.

The temple held the event for the first time last year, when Valentine’s Day fell on the same day as Makha Bucha Day, so the couples could marry and have a religious ceremony on the same day.

The abbot said he originally had no plan to repeat the event as Makha Bucha is in March this year, but that many brides and grooms had contacted the temple asking for a repeat.

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