Dunamis Paul Enenche

The Power of Impartation By Pastor Paul Enenche

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  1. Understanding the power of impartation
  2. Understanding the secrets of impartation power

The Supernatural Power of God is one of the most vital necessities of life

The Power of God is the answer to the multiplied challenges of life.

The Power of God has a higher purchasing power than money; the Power of God will do what connection cannot do.

The Power of God will cross the limit of education; where your certificate fails, power succeeds.

One of the greatest possessions of anybody on earth is the possession of the Presence and Power of God.

It doesn’t matter what you lack, if you have God and His Power; you have too much and it doesn’t matter what you have, if you lack God and lack his Presence you have nothing


  1. The woman with the issue of blood (Mark 5:25-34)
  2. The man at the pool of Bethsaida
  3. The man at the Beautiful gate (Acts 3:1-11)


  1. Inherited adversity, congenital deformity (Acts 3:2)
    He was not suffering because of who he was but because of who gave birth to him
  2. Identity lost in adversity (Acts 3:2)
    He had his name erased by his pain; his problem was more famous than his person
  3. Existence as a burden (Acts 3:2)
    One of the worst things that can happen to you is to live at the mercy of other people
    You are an asset, not a liability or concern
  4. Stagnation in the place of acceleration
    It is not correct for people to pas you and return back and meet you there, it is not correct (Prov. 4:18)
    Your life is meant to be so forward that anyone who knew you, values and respects you when they see where you are today
    Anybody who has ever known you should never know you with a better yesterday
  5. Imprisoned potentials
  6. Denied expectation (Rom. 8:19)


  1. The breaking of age-long limitations (Acts 3:7)
  2. The release of innate potentials (Acts 10:38; 1Sam. 10:5-6)
    The Power of God has the sufficient capacity to release innate potentials.
    You are not a failure, you will shock yourself by the time everything in you comes out; you are too loaded not to be needed or to be side-lined.
    The aim of the Power of God is to pull out your potentials to the extent that you become a puzzle to yourself.
  3. The activation of motion (Acts 3:8-9, 10:38; Ps. 84:7)
    Stagnation is not a normal state of life.
    Everywhere God is, people move/go and where satan is, people are stagnated.
    When the Power of God comes, there is power, action and motion


  1. Supplication and prayers (Acts 3:1)
  2. Expectation and desperation (Acts 3:4; Rom. 8:19)
    God has so much to offer; the question is – Are you ready to receive?
    He is saying something all the time; the question is – Are you listening all the time?
  3. Connection to higher unction
    Who you follow determines who follows you
    Impartation is spiritual osmosis – the transference of spiritual virtues from a vessel with higher concentration to another vessel for the purpose of spiritual edification
  4. The appreciation of God (Acts 3:8-9)
    Until you know how to thank God for the headache He healed, you will never see the anointing to heal cancer
    If you don’t have a grateful heart, you don’t have a great future with God

Father, thank You for Your Word, let Your Power flow into my life today and change my life, story and destiny. I have come before you today to receive a change of story, impartation and freedom Lord, in Jesus’ Name

Father, every negativity, adversity or infirmity that followed me from childhood, from birth, expire them today Lord in Jesus’ Name

Father, today I come to reject every negative identity and label that has been labelled in the physical in my life, every negative identity; I reject you. Expire by FIRE today in Jesus’ Name

Father, let the limitation in my life be lifted, let my potentials be released and motion be activated in my life, Lord in Jesus’ Name

Father, I ask for the breaking of every yoke of existence as a burden, stagnation in the place of acceleration, imprisoned potential, inherited adversities and lost identity, I command you to break now in Jesus’ Name

In the Name of Jesus, every spirit of death, premature death, you have no place in my life; your tenure expires today in Jesus


  • By the impartation of today, scarcity shall never be your portion
  • whatever was not working before now begins to work
  • The materials in your hands will give to you your desired testimonies
  • You are in your season of acceleration and motion; stagnation shall not be your portion in Jesus’ Name

  • Everything that followed you from birth, every negative condition shall expire today by power
  • A power explosion is coming upon you this morning
  • Every transaction from the womb of your mother that is fighting your life, this morning they shall expire
  • Anything that has become a label around your life that is contrary to your destiny, it expires by fire today in Jesus’ Name
  • Anything that swallowed your identity must vomit it this morning
  • Any label that is not your name that the devil has named you with is deleted in Jesus’ Name
  • Any public name they call you that is not good is deleted; today is the end of every wrong identity or medical diagnosis in your life
  • God is about to terminate that negative identity that followed you from your mother’s womb and give you your real identity
  • Every wicked agenda of hell programmed to you this week, today they are nullified
  • God will delete every record of adversity against your life
  • Heaven will give you the prerogative of mercy. Every legal hold of the enemy against your life and destiny, today it is deleted
  • Whatever be the root of anything that has made your life a burden and liability to your generation, today it is broken
  • Everything the devil is using to make a mockery of your life, confession and Christianity; today that yoke is broken
  • Every result you see God give to others and you wonder why not me? I prophesy today it is your turn
  • Everything in your life that the devil says shall not work, it is reversed. Everything about you must work
  • Every testimony you have seen on this altar and you are connected to this ministry and wondering when it would be your turn to experience yours; I prophesy to you, it is done!
  • Every form of reproach, barrenness, singleness and joblessness on your life is over
  • Your case cannot be an exception to the move of God’s power, help and ability here. Every stubborn demon, affliction or disease that has made your case look like an exception is smashed forever
  • What the devil says will never happen to you is already happening for you
  • You shall not give birth for trouble in Jesus’ Name
  • Everything the devil is holding against your life and destiny, today by the works of Jesus on the cross, the record is deleted