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The Power of Information by Pastor David Ibiyeomie

Topic: The Power of Information

One of the outstanding things you need to know to reach your place in destiny is information. One of the richest men in the world today is only trading information. He has better information than others in the field. All Bill Gates and most other successful people are trading is information; what they have, others don’t have and so they are wealthy.

The making of every man is a function of what he knows. That is why a wise man said that Knowledge is power! Even the word of God says:

‘My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge….’ Hosea 4:6

Only those who know more become better and when you’re informed, you’re transformed. To be uninformed is to be deformed in life; make your choice!

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Information is so important and powerful that the amount or level and type of information you have can make or mar your destiny. Insufficient information about a thing is what has left many in the pool of the average and the type of information you have determines the kind of life you will live.

If in these days of high Information Technology, computers and the internet, someone who is not computer literate desires a secretary job in an organization, such a person will not get the job. The level of your information determining the level of your success!

Absalom planned a coup against his father King David. In repulsing the coup there was a civil war, and the King begged his officers to spare the life of the young man in battle. After the war, two men ran back to King with news about the outcome of the battle; one with sufficient information and the other without!

See 2 Samuel 18:19-32

The man with insufficient information even outran the one with sufficient information. Though he arrived first, his journey was not successful because he lost his life in the end.

Information is what makes lots of people fail in job interviews and someone who probably did not even apply for the job ends up getting the job because it is not everyone that went for the interview had the kind of information the interviewers were looking for.

Go For Information and as you do so, God will distinguish you in Jesus wonderful name, Amen!

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