Dunamis Paul Enenche

The Power of His Presence by Pastor Paul Enenche

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  1. Understanding the Power of His Presence
  2. Understanding the secrets of His Presence
    It is very clear throughout Scriptures that the Power of God is resident in His Presence
    God cannot be present and His Power be absent
    You don’t lack the Power of God if you don’t lack His Presence
    Divine Presence carriers are Kingdom power brokers
  3. The Presence of God tears down obstacles and blows up strongholds of opposition (Ps. 114:1-8; Isa. 64:1; Matt. 7:51-52)
    Mountains liquefy and rocks dematerialise at the Almightiness of God
    Matter ceases to matter at the instance of His Presence
  4. The Presence of God creates openings where they were non-existent (Ps. 114:1-end; John 20:19-26; Rev. 3:7-8; Acts 16:25-26)
    If God is with you, He can’t be locked out or locked in
    Anywhere God arrives becomes a passage; be it a red sea, Jordan or wall
  5. The Presence of God releases Divine Direction (Exo. 13:20-21; Ps. 89:15)
    The Voice of direction is locatable in the Presence of God
    The manifestation of God provokes direction from God
    The Face of God carries light and one major provision of light is direction
    Anywhere the Will of God is, is the best place to be; it is not a matter of the location but a matter of your revelation
  6. The Presence of God activates Supernatural supplies (John 2:1-4; Luke 5:1-5)
    The Presence of God and the scarcity of things are mutually exclusive and diametrically opposed
    Supplies can’t run out where the Master is present
    The Personality of the Master magnetises supplies
  7. The Presence of God transmits healing and miracle-producing virtue (Acts 10:38; Luke 6:19)
    The Presence of God is a Supernatural river that flows with healing and miracle virtues
    The Presence of God is the natural atmosphere for the supernatural
  8. The Presence of God imparts life to the dead (Matt. 27:51-52; John 11:21-25)
    The Presence of God is resurrective in capability
    Death cannot coexist with His Presence because life flows naturally out of the Presence of God
  9. The Presence of God imparts supernatural strength for victory in battle (Num. 23:21-22; 1Sam. 17:37)
    Gods with a man is the key to unbeatable strength in life
    Divine Presence carriers can never be weaklings in life
    If God is with you, no battle can beat you; the Presence of God in your life equals the head of Goliath on the floor
  10. The Presence of God executes judgement on enemy altars and installations (1Sam. 5:1-4)
    The Presence of God decapitates enemy altars and installations
  11. The Presence of God creates new beginnings and new supplies (Gen. 1:1-5; John 2:1-11)
    God can create a new position for you and cause an existing position to be vacated for you
  12. The Presence of God releases and imparts the fragrance of Divine favour (Gen. 39:2, 21)
    You can’t have God and lack favour, you can’t have favour and lack God
    The Presence of God brings unmerited favour from both known and unknown quarters
  13. The Presence of God brings the impartation of rest and peace (Exo. 33:14; Matt. 11:28-29)
    The Presence of God is cure for tension, pressure and anxiety
  14. The Presence of God brings the impartation of joy and satisfaction (Num. 23:21; Ps. 16:11)
    The Presence of God is anti-depressant
    The Presence of God is curative of depression and exasperation


Father, concerning Nigeria we ask that You saturate our Nation from the North to the South; from the East to the West with Your Glory, Lord in Jesus’ Name(Num. 14:21)

Father, I come before You today and by the Power of your Presence, I reject every ancestral curse, generational curse; everything I have entered into consciously or unconsciously working against my life I renounce and reject You.

Every blood sacrifice fighting my life, my destiny and my future, I neutralise by the Blood of Jesus on Calvary.

Every handwriting or ordinance, every blood speaking against my life, I silence you by the speaking Blood of Jesus and by His declaration on the Cross of Calvary where He said ‘It is finished’. I receive my freedom now in Jesus’ Name


  • In the Name of Jesus, everything in the wrong position in my life, shift now to the right position
  • From today, by the Power of His Presence; I reject the spell of empty-handedness. What is mine the devil is holding back from me, I receive in Jesus’ Name
  • Every stranger around my life, every entity not of God around my life, your tenure has expired. I order you out of my life in Jesus’ Name
  • Every mountain in my life, I command you in the Name of Jesus to melt!


  • Anything in your life that needs to be restored shall be restored in Jesus’ Name
  • Wherever the devil has confined you to, I decree you are coming out in Jesus’ Name
  • Any negative thing that has followed you from childhood is over forever
  • Every grave the devil has dug for you or your loved ones, you are coming out in Jesus’ Name
  • Anything that has followed our Nation from amalgamation that is not part of the plan of God for our Nation, today they expire
  • Everything that is not correctly positioned in your life that is malfunctioning and misbehaving shall be shifted in the right direction
  • Whatever is a negative inheritance from your father, it is cancelled
  • Every form of blood diseases, their tenure expires from your body and you are permanently healed in Jesus’ Name
  • Every extra cargo you are carrying as a result of sickness is discharged from your life
  • A miracle that will make you lose control, lose your gentility and composure and cause you to dance like you have never danced before shall happen for you in this season
  • Whatever be the situation you came into the Presence of God with, today is the expiry date
  • Everything existing as a reproach in your life is leaving right now
  • Everything that needs to be clean out in your system is clean out now in the Name of Jesus
  • Any spirit of death looking for your life, they will never find you
  • Everything the enemy has tried to tamper with in your life, today they are corrected
  • Everything that has put your family, business or destiny into pressure, that pressure is dissolved now in Jesus’ Name
  • Everything that has occupied the space of your life in His Presence, they dissolve in Jesus’ Name
  • Every door you have been trying to enter that has refused to open, by reason of His Presence, the doors are opened for you now
  • I decree the way out is released for you anywhere it appears as though there is no way.
  • Everywhere your resources have been tied down is being released;
  • Your dry days are over! Just be faithful in doing what is expected of you as regards Kingdom financial practices
  • This climate of scarcity, shortage, lack and poverty hovering over the country dies now in Jesus’ Name
  • Whatever is dead in your life is coming back alive
  • I prophesy life to every sector of the economy of this country in Jesus’ Name
  • Every weakness expires today in Jesus’ Name
  • That battle that have made people wonder and watch if you will win, you have won it already
  • Anything the devil rubbed on your body that makes people run from you is removed and the favour that makes you locate the right people is released
  • Anything that has made you not to sleep at night is swallowed up by the climate of His Presence
  • Today is the end of satanic markings on your body
  • Every demon of backwardness is broken now in Jesus’ Name
  • Today is the end of that dream of nakedness
  • I declare destruction of the agenda of the devil in your life
  • The spirit of bondage and slavery is broken from off your life
  • The hold of every spirit of rejection, disfavour, near-success syndrome over your life is broken now
  • Today is the end of every enemy accusation and litigation against you
  • Every occult destiny transfer -where somebody is shining with you destiny, is reversed today in Jesus’ Name
  • Every strange operation around your life is over in Jesus’ Name
  • Whatever has been termed impossible in your life, that impossibility is now made possible
  • Every destructive appetite in your life dies forever today


  • Father, we ask tonight for the restoration, the return of the glory of Nigeria. We receive the restoration of the glory of Nigeria now, Lord `in Jesus’ Name
  • Father, we ask for the release of Nigeria into Divine purpose and destiny now in Jesus’ Name
  • Father, we ask for the release of the full potentials of Nigeria now in Jesus’ Name
  • Father, we ask for the deletion of the reproach of our Nation. Father, by the Blood of Jesus, cleanse
  • Nigeria of every reproach that is on our land in Jesus’ Name
  • Father, every blood sacrifice and transaction that was made to mortgage the destiny of Nigeria at amalgamation and independence, today we declare you blood sacrifice dissolved by the Blood of Jesus
  • Father, every altar of bloodshed, kidnapping, terrorism, herdsmen attack, wastage and corruption fighting the destiny of Nigeria; we command these altars to catch fire now in Jesus’ Name
  • Father, every human agent, conspirator and collaborator from Nigeria and outside Nigeria that is bent on destroying and delaying the plan of God for Nigeria, everyone that will not allow Nigeria to rest, lay them to rest O Lord in Jesus’ Name
  • Father, we arrest every dubious demonic agenda of the enemy to derail Nigeria wherever they have come from, wherever they have conspired to derail the destiny of Nigeria; Father scatter them by Fire in Jesus’ Name
  • Father, in the Name of Jesus, we decree against the blanket of blood shed and regional agenda concerning, o you evil blanket catch fire NOW! (Isa. 25:7-8)
  • Father, Nigeria must be filled with the knowledge of Your glory; saturate, overrun and overwhelm
  • Nigeria with the knowledge of Your glory as the waters cover the seas. Do it Lord in Jesus’ Name (Hab. 2:14)


  • Nigeria exists to show the manifestation of the greatness, wealth and riches of God through a despised people and for global end-time gospel saturation
  • The glory of Nigeria is restored
  • Nigeria is released into her divine purpose
  • Altars of bloodshed are set on fire
  • Dubious agents set on destroying Nigeria are set on fire


  • Today you have stepped into a new day, a new season
  • Today is a day of total restoration
  • Today is your day of total liberty
  • Today is your day of fullness; empty-handedness is over forever
  • Today is your day of perfection; everything about your life that remains to be perfected shall be perfected

You have stepped into a new season and your darkness is lighted in Jesus’ Name.

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Lord Jesus, come into my life. I accept You as my Lord and Personal Saviour. I believe in my heart You died and rose from the dead to save me. Thank You Lord for saving me, in Jesus name Amen.

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