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The Power Of Separation By Pastor D.K Olukoya

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JUNE 21ST, 2020.
Ministering: Dr. D.K Olukoya (G.O MFM Worldwide)

Anchored Scriptures: 2 Corinthians 6:17, Revelation 18:4, 2 Corinthians 6:14-17, Acts 2:40.

Introductory message from Daddy G.O:

We are in a strange period. A period where in a long violent way, an unseen enemy has raided human lives. This unseen enemy has no respect for anybody. No respect for kings, no respect for prime ministers, no respect for presidents, no respect for pastors, no respect for people at all.

This agent is a rude visitor. He has no passports, no visas; yet it is raiding all countries.
This is a time for us to be very serious with the Lord, to re-assess and reconsider our stand with the Lord and be sure that we are doing what He wants us to do.

This is the time to prepare, a hour of preparation.
This is the time to know that God has a purpose in everything that He does and that purpose must be fulfilled whether the enemy likes it or not.

There was a song in our last years’ 70 days prayer and fasting, it is called ‘God is working His purpose out’. In all these, God is working His purpose out!
Meanwhile, faith does not say you should not take precautions, take precautions.

When there was going to be flood, Noah built an ark; it was a protection.
When there was going to be famine, God showed Joseph to stuff grain; a precaution.
When Herod was seeking for Jesus, God told his parents to take Him away; a precaution.
They wanted to kill Paul in those days, but Paul escaped by coming down through a basket on the wall.

All these are protection, so faith does not ask you not to protect yourself. So, protect yourself, seek the face of the Lord, be serious with your prayers, be serious with your Bible reading and the Lord will be with you in Jesus name; Amen!

Today’s Message:

The Power Of Separation.

In 2 Corinthians 6:17. You separate and He will receive you. The reverse is also true, if you do not separate, if you keep touching the unclean thing; He will not receive you. May that power fall upon us in the name of Jesus!

In Revelation 18:4. Listen very careful beloved, when we surrender our lives to the Lord Jesus Christ and we become Christians; we are no longer part of this world. We are from a different place. We cannot live for God and live for the devil at the same time. We cannot live for God and also live by the world at the same time.

Anything that draws you away from Christ is to be taken as an enemy.
Anything that draws you away from Christ should be taken as an enemy. Anything that draws us to the world is something we should separate from.

We are expected to talk differently, we are expected to dress differently, we are expected to behave differently, we are expected to act differently. We are peculiar people, we are to separate from sinful companions.

We are to separate from sinful occupations, we are to separate from sinful places, we are to separate from sinful practices, we are to separate from sinful association, we are to separate from sinful relationships.

Look at what the Bible says in 2 Corinthians 6:14-17. This is a serious scripture which we must bear in mind.
Also if we look at Acts 2:40. Those belonging to Christ must refrain from intimate associations with the ungodly.

Those belonging to Christ must separate themselves from any intimate association with the ungodly.
We are forbidden by scripture to enter into alliances with the ungodly. The days in which we live unfortunately, is marked with a lot of compromise. But in each dispensation, no matter the compromise of that dispensation; there is a cry to be separate.

God is calling believers to separate themselves.
When we disregard this commandment to separate, we are looking for trouble. And disregard of this commandment is the one blindly responsible for our powerlessness.

This commandment applies to every phase of our lives and every department of our lives and every departments of our lives; individually and corporately. Whether it’s religious, whether it’s domestic, whether it’s social, whether it’s commercial, whether it’s business, whether it’s relationships; we are to separate ourselves.

No one can be a proper follower of Christ who is in anyway yoked with God’s enemies. And no matter how hard you try, you cannot bless whom God has cursed.
So joining somebody whom God has cursed cannot be a source of blessing to you.

The disastrous and tragic history of Samson, Solomon and Ahab in the Bible is due to unholy alliances. Unholy alliances through wedlock, unholy alliances through joining up with the enemies of God.
Disobedience to this simple command has wrecked many Christians destinies and has pierced them with so many sorrows when they disobey this.

We are not of the world, the Bible makes it clear. Even Jesus said ‘we are not of the world even as I’m not of the world’, that word of Jesus does not seem to have registered with so many Christians.

– Biblical separation refers to separating ourselves from the sinful things of this world.

– Biblical separation is not fellowshipping or having those connection with immoral and ungodly people.

– Biblical separation is avoiding anything that will make you appear to be involved in or approve any immoral or ungodly activity.

– Biblical separation is being in the world but not of the world.
‘Be ye separate’, the scripture cries out.

– Separation is God’s commandment to those who want His deliverance, to those who wants to move forward; it is a commandment of heaven.

– Separation is very powerful, it will give birth to revelation.

There are several things that separation does for you as a believer. As a believer, when you separate yourself:

  1. It will lead to personal spiritual revival. You become revived inside of you when you separate.
  2. When you separate, it gives you power to obtain divine acceleration.
  3. When you separate, it gives you power to be in a position to receive divine approval.
  4. When you separate, you key yourself into the power of divine encounter. Separation brings visitation of heaven to you. That’s what happened to Moses. Mose was separated, he got visitation from heaven. Jacob was separated, he got his visitation from heaven. Abraham was separated, he became a man with uncommon blessings. So separation gives you unforgettable encounter.
  5. Separation helps you to reposition your destiny.
  6. Separation makes you to have a clear vision of your life and where you’re going.
  7. Separation makes you to engage in self discovery or self rediscovery.
  8. Separation deepens your thought. You become a good thinker, a spiritual thinker, not just an ordinary thinker.
  9. Separation will lead to destiny transformation. Just like the separation when Jacob was alone; he was transformed from Jacob to Israel because he separated. Separation will give you that destiny transformation.
  10. Separation will make you to have a mandate renewal. God renews your mandate, God tells you what to do. God will sharpen your sword.
  11. Separation will cause you to become a friend of God closely and it will place you in the arena of divine revelation.


This is a very serious situation and all believers must take the issue of separation seriously. There is too much compromise these days and it’s getting worse.

We must take this opportunity to examine ourselves, to examine our Christian lives and root out areas where we are connected to the world in an ungodly manner.

If we begin to live a correct Christian life, if our lives begin to showcase what God wants to showcase; men and women will be crowding into our buildings. They will come rushing, they will be asking us ‘what is the secret of this?; they will come rushing into our compound if we are living the kind of life God wants us to live.

God is calling us into a place of separation. Separation is necessary for enlightenment,it is to prepare us for a task.

In Genesis 12, we read about Abraham. Abraham was asked to separate, to get away from his nation, to get away from his kindred, to get out from where he was to a place God prepared him and this man left. His leaving and his separation made him a father, a blessing.

If that time and money and effort we spent in trying to work up evangelism in all churches were spent in calling the churches themselves to repentance, confession, cleansing, empowering; the result will be evangelism.
If we separate ourselves and we are able to acquire the power that we need, evangelism will be a natural result.

The New Testament tries to build us up as Christians because when the Christian lives are healthy, it will naturally lead to soul winning when we are living healthy Christian life.

I pray that the Lord will help us in the name of Jesus!

Remember Moses too, Moses had to separate before he could have the encounter. Moses grew up in the house of Pharoah, he lived there for 40 years until he went to that flock, he separated and then God began to talk to Him.
Same thing with Jacob, Jacob separated himself and he was alone and heaven began to pour information to him. Heaven began to repair his destiny because of that separation.

Most likely, the popular book of revelation will not have been written if there was no island of Patmos. With separation at the island of patmos, that John the revelator was able to see what we are now reading in revelation.
We live in a generation that is in a hurry. In hurry to know where, overloaded with meaning less things, and we do a lot of meaningless activities.

The Bible says ‘and Jacob was left alone’. And when Jacob was left alone, his destiny changed, his life changed. God is calling us to Separation.

What do we do in this kind of situation? The Bible solution is very easy.

  1. We need to be more serious with our God.
  2. We need to decide that we must separate. There is no unity between light and darkness. There is no way light and darkness can dwell together. We need to know that we cannot be unequally yoked with unbelievers and expect heaven to answer our prayers.
  3. We need to know that the power of God will work mightily in our lives if we separate ourselves.

May the Lord help you to take a solid decision to cut off ungodly associations, to cut off ungodly friends, to cut off ungodly talks, ungodly activities, so that you come out of the rut and of the stinking mess that the world has entered into.
God bless you in Jesus name!

Prayer Rain:

After Ministration prayers by Daddy G.O:

It is time to pray now. These are very very serious prayers and I want you to pray them from your heart; believing God that He will touch you even as you pray:

  1. Oh God arise: give me the spirit of revelation and wisdom in the name of Jesus!
  2. Oh God arise: let my eyes of understanding be enlightened in the name of Jesus!
  3. Oh Lord, let me experience the fire of God that will burn away the power of darkness from my body in the name of Jesus!
  4. Father, establish my heart blameless and in holiness before you in the name of Jesus!
  5. Father, let me be enriched in all utterance and in all knowledge in the name of Jesus!
  6. O God arise: and let the testimony of Christ be confirmed in me in the name of Jesus!
  7. Father, let me be blameless in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ in the name of Jesus!
  8. Oh God arise and fill me to the brim with spiritual understanding in the name of Jesus!
  9. O God, grant me the boldness to speak your word in the name of Jesus!
  10. Holy Ghost fire: incubate my body, soul and spirit in the name of Jesus!
  11. Oh God arise, heal every department of my life and make me whole in the name of Jesus!
  12. My Father, break all negative genetic ties that is upon my life in the name of Jesus!
  13. Set me free oh Lord from any negative power transmitted to me from my mother’s womb in the name of Jesus!
  14. Every idol of iniquity in my heart, be broken by fire in the name of Jesus!
  15. Lord Jesus, walk back through every moment of my days and repair my life in the name of Jesus!
  16. Oh Lord take away from me all fears that have reigned in my life in the name of Jesus!
  17. O Lord, take your spiritual eraser and wipe away every pain from my mind in the name of Jesus!
  18. Blood of Jesus, sanitize my heart in the name of Jesus!
  19. Oh God arise and heal me from every disappointment in the name of Jesus!
  20. My Father, my Father, my Father: arise in the thunder of your power and revive my life in the name of Jesus!
  21. Every dirtiness of the world in my spirit, clear away by the blood of Jesus in the name of Jesus!
  22. Fire of God, cleanse my spirit man in the name of Jesus!
  23. Every arrow of iniquity fired against my heart, backfire in the name of Jesus!
  24. Thou power of spiritual defilement, I’m not your candidate: die in the name of Jesus!
  25. My Father, my Father, my Father: this is my life, appear in my life by fire in the name of Jesus!

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