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Prayer Facilitators by Pastor Paul Enenche


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SERVICE OBJECTIVE: Understanding those factors that facilitate, assist or amplify the effect of prayer.

Prayer facilitators are like enzymes that speed up chemical reactions without being a part of the reaction.

Prayer facilitators are like organic fertilizers that help to optimize and amplify the outcome of a particular plant, to ensure the yield is bountiful.


1 Praying with fasting (Isa. 58:6, 8; Ps. 63:1-2; Matt. 17:21; Acts 13:1-2)
Fasting is a major facilitator of prayer.

When fasting is added to prayer, it boosts the outcome and amplifies the results.


1a. Fasting intensifies and expresses desperation (Ps. 63:1-2)
1b. Fasting facilitates the breaking forth of light (Isa. 58:8)
1c. Fasting amplifies spiritual authority (Matt. 17:21)
1d. Fasting increases spiritual sensitivity thereby attracting Divine direction (Acts 13:1-2)

2 Praying in the Spirit (Eph. 6:18; Rom. 8:26-27; Jude 1:20; 2Tim. 1:6-7; 1Cor. 14:2; 2:9-10)


2a. Praying in the Spirit helps us to pray tirelessly and abundantly (Eph. 6:18)
2b. Praying in the Spirit helps us to pray into the realm of the unknown (Rom. 8:26-27)
The reason why we speak in a language we don’t know is so that we can confront situations that we don’t know
2c. Praying in the Spirit helps us to be charged up in faith and boldness (Jude 1:20; 2Tim. 1:6-7)
2d. Praying in the Spirit grants access to revelations of mysteries and inheritance (1Cor. 14:2; 2:9-10)

3 Praying with sacrifice (Ps. 20:1-3; 50:14-15; 1Sam. 7:9-10; Ps. 126:1-5; Luke 7:2-9)
When you decide to add sacrifice to your prayer, you have shifted the prayer to another level


3a. Sacrifice establishes a remembrance altar before God that speaks in the day of trouble (Ps. 20:1-3; 50:14-15)
3b. Sacrifice moves God into action for speedy intervention, especially in battle (1Sam. 7:9-10)
3c. The altar of sacrifice is the altar of captivity turnaround (Ps. 126:1-5)
3d. Sacrifices accelerate Divine response to human requests (Luke 7:2-9)
i. It is not just sacrificial giving that is critical but sacrificial living
ii. When answers are slow in coming, a sacrifice may be necessary as led by the Spirit.

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4 Praying in the deep night (Gen. 32:24-28; Ex. 12:31; Acts 16:25-26; Matt. 13:24-25; Col. 1:13; Ps. 16:7; Job 33:14-17; Dan. 2:19; 7:2; Acts 16:9; 18:9; Isa. 26:9)
This is anywhere between 12am – 5am; anywhere before the 5th watch (6am)


4a. Spiritual transactions take place mostly at night (Gen. 32:24-28; Ex. 12:31; Acts 16:25-26)
4b. Enemy activities are most intense at night (Matt. 13:24-25; Col. 1:13)
Occultic meetings, processions and initiations all happen at night
If you are awake when the enemy is at work, you can unwork their work
4c. Spiritual signals transmission is high at night (Ps. 16:7; Job 33:14-17; Dan. 2:19; 7:2; Acts 16:9; 18:9)
4d. Focus is maximal and distractions are minimal at night (Isa. 26:9)


You can move the potency and power of your prayer life to another level by employing the prayer facilitators (Prov. 4:18)

Never give up if answers are not immediate, breakthrough comes with persistence (Heb. 6:12)


Father, thank You for Your Word to us today. To You be all the glory in Jesus’ Name.

Father, I come before You today. Thank You for the gift of Jesus, for the gift of the Holy Spirit, I am grateful. Jesus, baptize me with Holy Ghost and with Fire. Holy Ghost, I welcome You, as I pray baptize me with fire, pray through my tongues in Jesus’ Name (Acts 2:1-4)

Father, I receive the flow of the Spirit in my life and through my life in a greater dimension, I receive it NOW in Jesus’ Name

Father, I proceed with the Fire and a new day is upon my life in Jesus’ Name


  1. Draw them closer to Yourself
  2. Perfect Your purpose in their lives


  • The grace to be close to God is released upon you
  • The Lord use you to touch the lives of the people that come into contact with you
  • The Lord take you up, take you to an industrial scale, to the level of a very drastic result in Jesus’ Name
  • Your hands are blessed and what you lay your hands on is blessed
  • The kind of order you have never had, enters your hands today
  • The kind of place you have never worked in before, you shall work there in Jesus’ Name!


  • Every stranger in my life, you are leaving now in the Name of Jesus


  • God will give you a testimony that will silence every doubter!
  • Laughter is coming your way in Jesus’ Name
  • God will visit someone in your family because of you!
  • Everyone that has tied your life, your children or that of members of your family, if they will not let you go, they will be laid to rest!
  • Everyone tied down is hereby set free!
  • Anybody looking for your trouble or the trouble of this mantle, they shall get the backslap of the Anointing
  • Your season of praying without results is over forever!
  • You will not labour in vain or bring forth for trouble!
  • You shall be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth!
  • Every potential of your life that has been caged will come out in this season!
  • Everything your wisdom, certificate, energy, money, and connections cannot give you, I announce today, they are released in your direction!
  • Everyone whose life has been caged, that cage is destroyed by fire!
  • The power to go forward is released upon you and the yoke of delay and stagnation is broken!
  • Every child here up to the age of school, you won’t lack admission
  • Every man or woman that is of the age to be settled, you are settled now!
  • Everyone battling with fruitfulness, that battle is over!
  • Everyone of the age to work who is struggling to get money, that struggle is over!
  • A new day is upon you!
  • Every power looking for your death returns back to hell and you shall fulfil your days!
  • Everything the devil closed around you, I declare they are open today!
  • Any quiet, personal concern that you cannot tell anybody, it is arrested!
  • Everything that is strange in your body, they are flushed out!
  • Today is the beginning of Divine help, mercy and intervention in the Name of Jesus!
  • Today, there is the release of miracle babies!
  • Someone that has been falsely accused, today, that false accusation is cancelled!
  • Every negative cycle, by this impartation, the pattern is broken!
  • Every ancestral, generational or witchcraft curse, today, the yoke is broken!
  • Everything that is in your hands now shall produce for you your desired miracles!

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Lord Jesus, come into my life. I accept You as my Lord and Personal Saviour. I believe in my heart You died and rose from the dead to save me. Thank You Lord for saving me, in Jesus name Amen.

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