Apostle Dr. Paul Okikijesu (JP) Founder & General Overseer
Apostle Dr. Paul Okikijesu (JP) Founder & General Overseer

General Mohammadu Buhari:

He must resist the pressure from different groups/people regarding the upcoming presidential election. The physical body of this man needs supervision. Why can’t he accept that it is only the power of God that can heal him?

He must pray for the spiritual hand of God to preserve and protect his life. Furthermore, he must also pray to Me so that I can give him liberty and healing in his physical body, says the Lord of hosts.

If it is Buhari that believes that I am alive and surrender his heart to Me, he will win the election. Nevertheless despite people’s mandate they will neither release power to him nor swear him in as the president of the nation.

His situation will be similar to Abiola that had people’s mandate, but was not given the chance to rule the country.

Upcoming Election:

  1. If APC is not careful and increase their efforts in Lagos State, PDP will win the State.
  2. If APC is slack in Ogun State PDP and SDP may take over the State.
  3. In Oyo State, if APC did not become energized, PDP, Labour Part and Accord Party will dominate the State.
  4. PDP is still firmly in control of Ondo State.
  5. If care is not taken Labour party and PDP will snatch the rein of control in Kano State.
  6. If the people of Kwara are not ready, APC will take the State.
  7. If River State did not put in their best, PDP will win the State.
  8. Also Edo people must be prepared or else PDP will take over the State – if Edo people only speak without appropriate actions, PDP will win the election.
February 2015:
Before February 2nd 2015, some political parties will merge with PDP because they want Jonathan on the presidential seat.
All Progressives Congress (APC):
APC will win many states in the gubernatorial election, but not the presidential seat at this time.
President Jonathan:
If he believes fully that all power belongs to Me and nobody has power except God then he will win the presidential election, but within six months after the election he will be ambushed.
Jonathan will only rule for one year after his swearing-in-ceremony because people will poison him whereby he will be sick and die on the throne/seat. If they did not succeed, then there will be physical confrontation to terminate his life and these are the reasons why he has to surrender his life and heart totally to Me says the Lord.
If he refuses to take steps to implement My directives, the event that will happen will be beyond his comprehension. If the above incident happens due to Jonathan’s refusal, and an early presidential election is conducted before Jonathan’s second tenure expire due to his demise or incapability then APC can win the presidential seat.
Jonathan and Buhari:
If these two men refuse to change, if they did not make Me their Alpha and Omega, both of them will contend/contest the presidential seat, but they will not be sworn-in.
I send this message to these men so as to be filled with My fear and fear Me in all their ways; Moreover, for them to realize that all power belongs to only God and not men, says the Lord of hosts.
Female Politicians:
Women are still coming to powerful positions in the government of Nigeria.
The Word of the Lord was received on Thursday, January 26th, 2015
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God bless!
Prophet Frank Akanbi
On behalf of
Prophet Apostle Paul Okikijesu.
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