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Topic: Seven Abominations Unto God. Pt Three [16/05/2017]

A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood. Proverbs 6:17. Read: 1 Jn 3:11-15

One of the greatest miracles we receive from the Lord every day is that of sleeping and waking up in good condition. Glory be to God for this wonderful new day. Before we continue the series, let’s look at the first two abominations God hates with passion. A proud look, and a lying tongue. Today, the third abomination is:

3) Hands that shed Innocent Blood. Why take a life that you didn’t create without a cause?you become an abomination unto God. Note that, not only when you shed blood physically before are you referred to as a murderer, there are many ways we shed innocent blood.

The old and new testament of the Bible confirm those who hate their brothers in heart as murderers. And no murderer shall have eternal life in him. Hatred makes you shed innocent blood; Cain. Gen 4:1-9, Deut 19:11-13, 1 Jn 3:15. You that use a pen in your office to destroy lives have also shed innocent blood. You that slaughter lives with your careless words is also guilty of shedding innocent blood. You that turn white to black is also guilty. Finally, you that God asked to preach to that fellow and failed to obey, God said, if that fellow dies in sin, his/her blood will he require from you. Stop shedding innocent blood today.


* Father, in anyway I have harboured bitterness against my brother (which might cause me eternity), help me to forgive and forget in Jesus Mighty Name.

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