It’s 40 years now and this woman has neither smiled nor laughed. At nights out with friends she has made a conscious effort not to laugh or smile. Even with champagne flowing and their conversation gets more raucous and peals of laughter hang over their table.

There’s always an odd one out in the happy scene. Tess, 50 sits stony-faced while her friends giggle around her. Not even a flicker of smile, let alone a laugh, escapes her lips.

She has made a conscious decision for the past 40 years not to smile or laugh even at the birth of her only daughter. For her, it’s a way to keep her admittedly, impressive youthful looks.

‘I don’t have wrinkles because I have trained myself to control my facial muscles. I haven’t laughed or smiled since I was a teenager. My dedication has paid off. I don’t have a single line on my face’ says Tess.

Celebrities such as Kim Kardasihan 34 have also admitted to not smiling or laughing because it causes wrinkles.

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