Delivered from ritual killers!

“During the second phase of the Wonder-Double Prophetic Agenda tagged Operation Rescue 2015, Bishop Oyedepo admonished us to participate fully, if we desired to see the hand of God in our lives. He further said, ‘some people don’t see the hand of God in their lives because they take instructions for granted. I am here to train you and if you are not ready to be trained, find your way out.’

Then, in one of the services, the Holy Ghost said to me, ‘until you take charge of your night season, you will never be in command of your life. Until you take every instruction on this altar personal and get involved in it, you will lose out in life.’

As I went home that night, I couldn’t sleep but pondered on what the Bishop said and decided to participate fully in the Wonder-Double Agenda. That same night, I prayed Kingdom advancement prayers between 10p.m and 5.30a.m. I also engaged in the Morning Gospel Raid and keyed in to Kingdom service like never before.

Few days later, after the close of work, I boarded a bus. However, all the passengers including me slept in the bus. By the time I woke up, we discovered that we were in an unknown destination.

Afterwards, all the passengers were changed into goats and were killed. When it was my turn to be killed, I told God to deliver me and that if I am killed, who would take my position in the Morning Raid.

Suddenly, one of the chief ritualists said, ‘Where did you get this he-goat from? His blood is not pure for this sacrifice. Take him away.’ That was how God rescued me from ritual killers. I give all the glory to Him!” – Nonso Onyedum

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