Timi Frank is Living in a Bubble of Delusion – APC UK calls For his suspension over Public comments against the Party

After reading the latest public ranting from Mr Timi Frank in the Premium Times interview he granted on Saturday 7th May 2016, it is now obvious to me that this dear Comrade is living in a bubble of delusion. Mr Frank feels aggravated that he has not been made acting Publicity Secretary and for this reason, he speaks ill of party leaders. Does his action not prove his disloyalty to the party? His action and words tells me he is only in this party for what he can gain!

So, I suggest, for his anti-party activities and for constantly talking down members of the party, Mr Frank should be suspended from holding office or representing the party pending an internal party investigation over his unguarded public statements against the party. Timi’s statements in my view have brought the party into disrepute and for that reason he should be suspended to prevent him from causing further damage to the change we hope to deliver to Nigerians who elected us into power.

This is what is usually done in saner climates. How can a deputy publicity secretary cause division amongst members? Why tear down the walls of the party for the position of Publicity Secretary? Mr Frank should read the constitution again. Alhaji Lai Mohammed’s tenure must be completed which is why the position has been zoned to the North Central.

In my own opinion, a divisive person like Mr Frank is not fit and eligible to be acting publicity secretary. As we all know now, he does not tow the party line and he’s most likely to take personal sides. If care is not taken he might even go against party wishes if it benefits him personally.

We are totally in support of the APC structure as presently constituted under the leadership of Chief John Oyegun.

As the ruling party, APC is strongly committed to ensuring the implementation of the party’s manifesto to improve the lives of the citizenry. We therefore call on support from all Nigerians irrespective of party affiliations to help move the country forward.

Thank you.

God Bless Nigeria.
Adenike Lucas
Press Secretary
All Progressives Congress – UK Chapter

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