Topic: Expect Good Things To Happen Around You [TREM Devotional 20 October 2019]

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“The LORD shall command the blessing upon thee in thy storehouses, and in all that thou settest thine hand unto; and he shall bless thee in the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.” – Deuteronomy 28:8 KJV

In Christ, only good is permitted to knock on your door. There is a commanded blessing into your bank accounts, your investments, your fixed deposit, your savings deposit, your current account, your stocks, your assets and whatever you are involved in. Not only that, favour will rest upon everything you touch. From this moment forward, it shall be so in your life.

You see, everyone that Jesus touched was blessed. In the book of Matthew 9:27-30: He touched two blind men and their eyes were opened. In the book of Luke 7:12-15: He touched the dead and the dead was raised. In the book of Mark 1:40-42, he touched the leper and the leper was cleansed. Whatever Jesus touched was blessed. That is your heritage! Whatever He has, you have also. Whatever He did, you can do also. Jesus touched five loaves and two fishes and they overflowed with excess.

The challenge is ‘Do you expect good things to happen around you?’ The Word of God is not void of power. The Word of God is looking for a landing place. I challenge you, therefore, to believe this Word. Dare to believe this God! For too long we have made God seem to be a liar because of our unbelief. Often times, Jesus rebuked His followers for their unbelief. Child of God, every Word spoken over your life shall come to pass. There is power in the Word of God. He calleth the things that be not as though they were. Everything you touch must experience a change. Don’t you know what you carry? Christ in you; the hope of glory. Put on the mentality of somebody that has light upon him.

Further Reading: Joshua 1:7-9, Psalm 1:1-3, Psalm 92:12-15

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Isaiah 59-61; Evening- 2 Thessalonians 3

Written by Dr. Mike Okonkwo; Is the Presiding Bishop of The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM); a versatile man of God with over 30 years of dedicated service unto the Lord.

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