Topic: Every Impossibility Will Become Possible For You [TREM Devotional 28 December 2018]

“Then Elisha said, Hear ye the word of the LORD; Thus saith the LORD, Tomorrow about this time shall a measure of fine flour be sold for a shekel, and two measures of barley for a shekel, in the gate of Samaria.” 2 Kgs 7:1

In 2 Kgs. 6 we read the story of how bad the famine in Samaria was to the point where women were eating their own children for survival. This was indeed a hopeless position for any nation to be in. Things had gotten so bad that there seemed to be no hope, yet right during this crisis, the servant of God declared abundance and so it was. The prophecy was also so unbelievable that the Minister of Finance or you can call him the second in command, but the Bible simply describes him as the man on whose hand the king leaned, looked around, thought through all known principles of economics, which he was probably very good at, and declared that it was impossible.

The servant of God made a pronouncement that he would see it but not partake of it and it came to pass, just as the man of God had spoken. For there was indeed an overnight miracle that brought forth abundance, and when the man went to take charge (of the miracle he did not believe, nor contribute in bringing to pass), he was trampled underfoot according to Word of God.

I come to challenge you no matter how hopeless the situation is, don’t give up on the Word of God. What has God spoken to you? Hold on to it; believe it with all your heart and it will come to pass. God is never too late. When you even think He is doing nothing, hang in there, He may be silent, but believe me, He is working out something for your good. The Bible rightly says in Ps. 30:5 that weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. I prophesy over your life that your joy has come. It is the dawn of a new day and you cannot be denied. Rejoice, 2019 is the year you have been waiting for.

Further Reading: 2 Kgs. 7: 1 – 20; Ps. 30: 1 – 12

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Zechariah 5-8; Evening- Revelation 19

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Written by Dr. Mike Okonkwo; Is the Presiding Bishop of The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM); a versatile man of God with over 30 years of dedicated service unto the Lord.