Ever since fifteen born-again Nigerians returned their WAEC result to WAEC, I have been wondering why WAEC has not granted general pardon to them. These men did not cheat without having WAEC assistance as we all know that most WAEC supervisors are not immune from bribery.

It is blatantly illegal to cheat during exam, but taking such bold step to return ones certificate is worthy of granting a general pardon. “Go and sin no more” remains the best forgiveness man should give to a fellow man.

The nonchalance with which WAEC has responded to the returned certificates is a call for concern. They are many Nigerians that did same to pass their WAEC, and this wouldn’t have been made possible if those WAEC representatives in the exam hall did not give the go ahead.

The thrust of this piece is that WAEC should grant a general pardon to not only the fifteen, but also to everybody that their not immune to receiving bribe aided to pass their exam.

Having done this, they should call those supervisors who did the dirty ‘deal’ to order and likewise forgive them. They should also do something to stop this travesty of education. The situation is dire and looking bleaker everyday.

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