Zahra Buhari and a friend on a shopping spree.
Photo: LindaIkeji Blog

Breaking Times, a Nigerian online newspaper which released details earlier this week, is reporting this morning, that its website has been the subject of a hack, following its report on the lifestyle of Zahra Buhari, daughter of former head of state and All Progressives Congress presidential candidate, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (Rtd.) – who became an instant hit on social media on Tuesday when a photograph of her, as well as her Twitter account surfaced.

The online newspaper, through its Twitter account announced that it was the subject of a “Crypto PHP Injection Malware” which “compromised” their website.

The website has published details of what appears to be Zahra Buhari’s lavish lifestyle –  including “investigative reports” that suggest that the former head of state may have spent £150,000 on his daughter in the past four years – a development which stands in sharp contrast to his public image as a modest public servant of humble means.

It is not clear how long the website was compromised as the announcement was made within the past hour and checks by Ekekeee seem to suggest that the website seems to be functioning normally.

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