When You See Him By Pastor D.K Olukoya

ANCHORED SCRIPTURES: Revelation 1:17-18, Isaiah 6:1-5

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Listen to me very carefully this morning. We read the story of a man who saw Him.

John told us about the vision he saw. He also told us clearly about the profound effect that the vision had upon him. The vision that he had prostrated him before the Lord. When he saw Him (the Lord), something happened in his life that he could not forget. There will be somebody here who will declare with fire and power that: ‘Lord I want to see You’.

Moses cried to God that He want to see him. The effect of that vision that Moses saw never left the life of Moses. John fell as if he was dead. The kind of vision that will change your life is not the kind of vision that you will be jumping about like mosquito. Those who have not seen that kind of vision before, cannot understand how those who saw it felt. Since you cannot see what they saw, you cannot comprehend their action.

Why would a person have a certificate and worldly honor that gives him the capacity of wealth and decide to follow the Lord? It means such person has seen something. How can someone have an opportunity to be very wealthy and then decide to follow Jesus? How can a very beautiful lady drop all her make up and all that can beautify her, and just drop everything and choose to follow Jesus? Many will not understand it, some will see it as madness.

G.O narrates a real life incident:

A man dropped his very beautiful Mercedes car when it was just manufactured and came to Nigeria. He parked it out beside somewhere at psychiatric hospital at Yaba and entered obalende(Lagos, Nigeria) bus and preach the gospel, standing to the final destination and then back to Yaba (Lagos, Nigeria). After he had done this, he got into his car and then drove his car home. For him to have done that, He must have seen something.

Many are using their body anyhow, they sleep with all kinds of men and women because they have not had an encounter with Jesus.

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Listen beloveth, true revival will happen in your life when you see God. Those who saw him, their lives never remained the same. Has your life been rearranged? Have people known that you serve him?

G.O narrates his own personal encounter:

As I stand before you, if I open and close my eyes, I can still see the vision God showed me when I saw heaven. Beloveth, there is no beauty here, no music here. There are many things I saw and I wanted to enter.

I wanted to enter and there was a man at the door and he said: ‘no, you cannot enter’. He said there are many assignments for me to do. When I woke up from that experience, I was very angry with myself that it was a dream. One thing I can never forget is the joy in the faces of those there, that cannot be described.

Look beloveth, nothing in this world. The Bible says everything that we are struggling for is vanity upon vanity. All is vanity.

At An Event Last Wednesday:

I was in a place last Wednesday to pray. The kinds of women I saw there, I hardly saw people whose face has not been re-touched. Their faces looked like the work of an art and I looked and said to myself, ‘that’s vanity upon vanity’. A day will come and they will give you lipstick to apply on that lips and you won’t be able to.

The Bible makes it categorically clear that we brought nothing into this world. It is also certain we will take nothing out of it.

Revival is nothing more than seeing the Lord, finding the Lord Jesus again.

Isaiah 6:1-5. Kind Uzziah was 16 years old when he began to rule. His father was called Amaziah who didn’t serve the Lord. Uzziah ruled Judah for 52 years.

The Bible said something clearly, as long as he sought the Lord, the Lord made him prosper. When his (Uzziah) kingdom prospered, his heart transgressed against the Lord. When the priest confronted him, he threw a burning incense at the priest and immediately he did that, leprosy confronted him and he died in leprosy. Isaiah was a palace prophet, eating at Uzziah table. He always gives counsel to Uzziah but he refused because he was being fed and paid by king Uzziah. This eventually almost blocked the vision of Isaiah.

Like I said yesterday (from Isaiah 6:1-5), the word smoke is associated with anger. Isaiah understood the move that he saw, He saw that God was not pleased with Uzziah, likewise himself (Isaiah).

Isaiah saw a vision of God just like John that we read, and:

  1. His life never remained the same.
  2. He was given an entirely new ministry.
  3. We were working for God without vision before but God gave him ability to see visions.
  4. He was working without a broken spirit before but God gave him a broken spirit.

Your personal encounter with the Lord will precipitate seeing the Lord in a new way. The day Isaiah saw that his service was unclean and unacceptable, His service was self-centered; his revival started. Many people are just carrying filthy rags everywhere.

There are Three people living in us:

  1. The one we think we are.
  2. The one other people think we are.
  3. The one God knows we are.

It is insanity to be seeing the same thing…

When you see the Lord:

  1. You will receive Information that will move your life forward.
  2. You will receive the anointing to excel.
  3. Your destiny will move forward by fire.
  4. Demons will flee when they see you.
  5. Your dreams will become divine.
  6. Heaven will become your goal.
  7. You will lose interest in what most people wants to die for.
  8. You will see backsliding as a disgrace.
  9. The anointing of bad language, unclean thought, the anointing of gluttony, the anointing of sexual perversion will disappear from your life.
  10. You priority will change
  11. What interest others will not interest you.
  12. You will be overhaul by His holiness, and your life will echo His glory. If you’re here, you still find joy in dancing at worldly patties at night, I really feel very sorry for you.
  13. Deep secret about your family will be revealed.
  14. You will receive fresh fire from heaven.
  15. Your spiritual life picks up a new mandate.
  16. Fresh directions shall be given to you.
  17. You will experience what is called ‘unspeakable joy’.

To see the Lord:

  1. Carry out personal self examination/evaluation of your life.
  2. You need to pray for an encounter with God.
  3. You must be desperate in prayer like blind bartimeus.

Bottomline: There is only one prayer I want you to pray when you get home: ‘Any internal blockage that is blocking my eyes from seeing God, no matter how much I love it, take it away from my life in the name of Jesus’. You need to have a personal and an unforgettable encounter with God.

Prayer Rain:

Prayers before Gospel Choir Ministration by Daddy G.O:

  1. Mockers waiting to offer me fake help, scatter in the name of Jesus.
  2. Any witch doctor waiting to rejoice over me, you’re a liar: die in the name of Jesus.
  3. Powers putting my name in the list of the wasted, be wasted now in the name of Jesus.
  4. Powers transferring my virtues to the belly of the serpent, run mad and die in the name of Jesus.
  5. Pronouncement to be made 7 hot times: I shall win the battles that my parents could not win by the power in the blood of Jesus!
    Prayers before sermon by Daddy D.K Olukoya:
    Within the next few minutes, there are strongholds to dismantle. Make sure that every prayers you pray carry fire:
  6. Powers making decision of failure against me, die by fire in the name of Jesus.
  7. Powers making my helpers helpless, before I leave this place: die in the name of Jesus.
  8. Every blood sacrifice crying against my glory, catch fire in the name of Jesus.
  9. Battles against my head, backfire and expire in the name of Jesus.
  10. Battles that want my destiny to decay, attack your owner in the name of Jesus.
    Those from the eastern part (the Igbo brethren) of Nigeria should pray this prayers, but if you like, you can pray this prayer as well:
  11. Any tree in my family compound drinking blood, what are you waiting for: die in the name of Jesus.
  12. Powers assigned to silence my celebration, you’re a liar: die in the name of Jesus.
  13. Powers blocking my open heavens, before I leave this place: die in the name of Jesus.
  14. Powers making easy things difficult for me, die in the name of Jesus.
  15. Blood of wicked elders working against me, dry up in the name of Jesus.
  16. Wicked powers waiting to see me cry, before I leave this place: die in the name of Jesus.
    During Sermon Prayers by Daddy G.O:
  17. Every king Uzziah blocking my divine vision, die in the name of Jesus.
    After Sermon Prayers by Daddy G.O:
  18. My Father, lay your hands upon me and let me see you in the name of Jesus.

Announcement by Daddy G.O after Sermon:
Give the last Prayer (number 18) 10 minutes of your time before you go to bed tonight.