At the Oredo Local Government Council marriage registry in Benin, Edo state, the happiest day for one woman turned into a real tragedy as a 57-year-old groom, one Valentine, abandoned his bride.

The story wouldn’t be so new and shocking but for some unexpected facts.

The embattled groom decided not to get married when his real wife suddenly appeared at the wedding ceremony, P.M. News reports.

People close to the family of Mr. Valentine informed journalists in Benin that the unlucky groom several times in the past tried to get married to other women in various courts in different locations of Delta state.

But this time Mr. Valentine had just a perfect plan to formalise his relationship secretly with his latest lover. But unfortunately for him information about his plan was said to have leaked to his first wife and mother of their four common children. Thus, the wife subsequently organized other women to take revenge and to disrupt the future marriage.

The furious wife was said to have screamed to the crowd of guests that although she had tried to save their marriage several times her husband continued to have relationship with his new lover.

“I had to do this because I’m convinced my husband must have been bewitched by the lady because since the rumour began making rounds he has stopped taking care of his four children. Each time he is confronted to provide money for our upkeep he often complained of not having money.”

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