Topic: Enjoy God Every Day [Saturday, 23rd September, 2017]

….in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore. Psalms 16:11

The most important thing that a Christian must always be conscious of is the presence of Christ in his or her life. Christ in us is what makes us who we are. Not just having the life of God in our spirit, but having the very presence of God living in and within us, through the habitation of God’s Spirit of our bodies. God’s presence in us is what matters most than anything in the world, and God wants us to enjoy Him daily, to enjoy His presence in and within us. To enjoy the serenity and peace, the love and joy that His presence brings to us.

God’s presence in us is what makes all the difference. It is a mark of honour to us. It elevates us to a place of honour and glory. God’s presence in and within us is for our daily enjoyment, to explore the ambience, grandeur and fragrance of God. To revel in the beauty of His holiness and to bask in the eternal pleasure that His presence brings. God with us is the best thing that has ever happened in human history. The sweetness of God’s loving presence is for us to enjoy daily. The Holy Spirit within us wants us to experience God and enjoy Him daily. When you spend time with God’s Spirit in worship, the fullness of joy that is available in His presence is made available to us. No wonder we get so excited when we have corporate worship in churches.

But, you see, God’s intention is not just for us to enjoy the pleasure and joy of His presence from corporate worship in church, He wants us to enjoy it personally everyday. This is why personal time of worship and reverencing God and just enjoying His presence is important. The same joy and pleasure you get from corporate worship, you will also get from personal worship. But this time, it becomes more intimate. You’ve got all of God to enjoy yourself. Guess what. This is the craving of God Himself. He longs for this kind of worship, He wants to get so intimate with you and just literally hold you in His embrace and whisper sweet words to you. Wouldn’t you rather enjoy God every day?

Keep winning daily.

Wise Action:

Create time to enjoy God in pure heartfelt worship. Don’t make any requests, just worship God.

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