Topic: His Overall Intention [Wednesday, 21st Dec. 2016]

Man Proposes, but God disposes. Pro.19:21 TLB

Change, they say is inevitable and we all obviously have to deal with some form of it. What we fail to ask ourselves however, is what God intends to achieve with what we are going through. When changes turns out as we want them, we accept them as God’s benevolence. But when it happens otherwise, we attribute them to the devil. Every good and perfect gift comes from God no doubt (James 1:5), but yet, God always have His intention that He will not defy even if situations does not turn out as we hope they would.

God always have the best intention for you. He’s always looking out for your best interest. His thought towards you are of peace, and not evil, to give you a hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11). Even when things are not working as planned, He is always there to make sure the His best intention materializes in your life.

What we should ask ourselves through our challenges is, what the Master’s overall intention is. Our response is to stay true to Him, knowing that He would do no less than a father would do to His son. At the tail end, He wants the best for us His own way, as the last part of the opening text emphasizes.

Keep winning daily.

Action Point:

He rewards all who diligently seek Him, not for miracles as it is well proven that miracles do not change men. Find out what He’s up to and you can be sure to obtain good report.

By Anonymous Contributor

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