Topic: Mind Your Business 1 [Monday, 9th Jan. 2017]

…they made me the keeper of the vineyards; but mine own vineyard have I not kept. – Song of Solomon 1:6

There are persons who have run into trouble in life simply because they had entangled themselves in other people’s matters. Now, this could be in the form of poke nosing (which is outrightly ungodly) or in the form of what I call an unguided expression of love: The former is not debatable, so, we shall dwell on the latter.

For instance, your business could be your salvation or your integrity. If you have to jeopardize any one of them because you need to help someone out of trouble, then, you’re failing to mind your business; even though helping them would have proven your love for them. I have seen brethren tell lies to get a fellow out of a police case, win a contract, get a job or get into school. But we are told

“Let not then your good be evil spoken of.” (Romans 14:16) Wisdom says we should mind our business and we are not commanded to love others more than ourselves (Matthew 22:39).

Now, this does not eliminate the element of sacrifice from love (every act of love is sacrificial), rather, it is to guide us against being stupid as we love others. You should not carry someone else’s load on your head while you drag yours through the ground by the hand: That’s obsession, not love. Be guided. Mind your business. In the end, you will always realize that you cannot even help others with your love if you have not been able to help yourself with it first.

Action: Consciously decide to put God first, yourself next, in the context of our discuss….Then, others.

By Samuel A-men Abidoye

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