Topic: The Mortified And Regenerator [30/9/2016]

Text: Roman 8:11-13

To mortify is to kill, while regeneration expresses the fact that a once dead life is being made alive again, but with a new gene. Now, the Holy Spirit activates the grace for both works in our lives as believers, killing the deeds of the flesh and at the same time regenerating our flesh to do the will of The Father. Now, isn’t that wonderful? It’s like destroying an old house filled with trash and building in its place a wonderful architectural piece with amazing fittings and great interior decoration.

It is a fact that as long as we remain in our bodies, our absolute obedience to God is very much under threat. But then, it is very true that by absolutely submitting to the Holy Spirit, our very same body can be made to cooperate with our spirit (Romans 8:11). It is a gradual but assuring process though; the mortifying and regenerating. There is a need for consistent communication in fellowship with the Spirit through the Word and in prayers (Philippians 2:1) if we must allow God to work in us and through us (:13) to produce His righteousness.

As we keep up with our fellowship with God’s Spirit, He kills the old man of sin and then makes alive the new man created in true righteousness and holiness. This is an amazing function the Holy Spirit does in us. And this, at the end, culminates in us conforming to the image of God’s first Son, Jesus Christ (Romans 8:29). Give the Holy Spirit free course to produce the righteousness of God in you, as He does His work as a Mortifier and a Regenerator.

Keep winning daily.

Dear Holy Spirit, the One that puts to death the deeds of the flesh and makes alive the deeds of the Spirit in me, I submit myself absolutely to You. Produce the righteousness of God in me. Help me put to death my fleshy acts and make alive in my mortal flesh the deeds of the Spirit, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

By Sam Abidoye

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