Winning Wisdom: Right association

Topic: Right association [12/9/2016]

Text: Proverb 27:17

Are you always wondering why you have not left your current level? Do you want to improve on yourself but you have not been able to figure out how to go about it? Have you even bothered to check the calibre of people you associate with and what they bring into your life? Are your associates adding value that will make you a better person than you were, before you allowed them into your life? We need to ask ourselves these questions periodically. Because the quality of life you live is influenced by the quality of your associates.

The people you associate with determine how far you will go in life. They are either going to aid your upward movement in life or accelerate your downward slide. In my neighbourhood in Lagos, I see a lot of young minds slowly turned into miscreants by their peers. The values and principles that guide the actions of their peers, which are anti-social, are passed down to these young minds, setting them up to become monumental failures in life. In 2 Chronicles 10:8, King Rehoboam was wrongly advised by the young men – his peers – he associated with and ended up loosing ten tribes of his kingdom to Jeroboam.

Proverbs 27:17 says:  “Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.” When iron sharpens iron, it is for the iron that is sharpened to be more productive and efficient. These should be what your associates bring into your life. Associate yourself with people that will sharpen and challenge you to grow spiritually, intellectually, morally and otherwise. Your associates should add the right value to your life. They should help you turn your weaknesses to strengths. They should help you achieve your dreams and excel in all you find your hands doing. Anything short of these, then they are not worth being in your life.

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Wise Action:
Make it your priority to always associate with people that will affect your life positively, adding the necessary value to your life, that will make you better than you were.

By Stephen Umezurike

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