Prophet Paul Okikijesu 

The Word of the LORD God by Prophet Paul Okikijesu Received on Sunday, February 1st, 2015

Messages to the World:

Women in Power:

They should examine the good works Angela Merkel of Germany, Queen Elizabeth of Britain, President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil, and Former President Joyce Hilda Banda of Malawi. Hence, people around the globe should pray for the success of female leaders.

If a generation of women makes a nation to fall, another generation of women will lift the country up.

United States of America:

USA Ambassadors:

America must give due recognition and appreciation to the ambassadors that put in their best in their various locations in order to promote the interest and economy of America in these 21 countries. America must compensate and do things that can motivate these ambassadors so that they will realize that they are not putting in their best in vain.

The countries are as follows: China, India, Kenya, Britain, Canada, Ukraine, Iran, Israel, Ethiopia, Ghana, Libya, Gabon, Germany, Rome, Mexico, Malaysia, Somalia, Sudan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Nigeria.

America must also appreciate the Treasury department personnel, the stock market people, and the peacemakers that are traveling around the globe to make peace.

President Obama:

Obama should be given the necessary support to be successful in order to leave a good legacy in America. Obama must be prayerful during this period regarding messages I have sent to him concerning his life. However, I will never allow evil to befall him, says the Lord of hosts.

1. Blessings from young and old:

He has put in much effort, the gray-haired people are blessing him in America, and even a new born baby that came into this world through one of the programs of his administration blesses him. Many white people are blessing him for the comfort his administration brought into their lives.

2. Cooperation with President Obama:

Every spiritual generation that refuses to cooperate with Obama, I the Lord will sift them away, says the Lord of hosts. Every soul that is doing things that can tarnish the good name of Obama and his administration will be punished severely, says the Lord.

3. President Obama should do God’s will:

Obama should be careful because I put him in this post to make amendments, therefore he must do away with anything that will displease Me Almighty God. I am talking about the people that are changing laws and Christianity doctrines, he must abstain from them.

4. Great glory is coming to USA:

Immortal glory is coming that will make your name memorial/unforgettable forever, but the only condition is to permit the devoted Christians that are filled with Holy Spirit to pray for America.

Previously, Obama used to handle religious issues with levity, but now he is handling them the right way because glory is coming to America. This glory shall be established and generations of Americans will see the glory.

He must do things that will encourage his directors and people in positions of authority so that they will put in their best. Furthermore he must make them to realize that nobody is above the law, because some people are messing and distorting the law.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi:

If the Prime Minister can put his hope in Me, if he believes that all power belongs to Me and there is no power that supersedes My power, then I will restore India to its former glory/position and prevent the unscrupulous people that want to ruin India’s economy from tampering with it. In addition I will raise My called/ordained/anointed people from the country.

I send this message to the generation that is the erasing the tenets of Christianity religion. If they fail to change this year, they will be punished accordingly.

These people can be divided into two groups:

  • First,  those  who shed bloodshed
  • Secondly, those who worship idol.

Because the smell of their activities is affecting My kingdom.

  • Christianity must reign:
I send this message to permit Christianity religion to be established in India in order to halt the hand of punishment and panic that is about to come on the nation.
I desire that India change and abandon idolatry; they must permit Christianity to expand without hindrance. It is then that I; Almighty God will revamp the economy of the nation, and cause the economy to grow rapidly in the whole world.
I will pass through India starting from March 2015, but people shall witness the example from February 2015 and they will see My being alive.
  • Resolution or revolution?
There will be resolution and revolution in India this year; resolution is for everyone that believes that only God is King and He is more powerful than idols, but those who believe idols, those who put their hopes in covenant of water and idols. Those who bow down and worship trees including every corrupt soul that is a cannibal, shall witness revolution because My hand will pass through the land, and they will be punished accordingly.
  • India has regressed in the world stage:
Previously, India was a force to be reckoned with in sports, medicine, and economy, but they have regressed due to their idolatrous activities. Therefore, they should repent and return to Me, says the Lord of hosts. If India changes positively, there will be progress in the nation around May, and her glory shall be lifted up.
Plague coming to India:
If India changes to totally, then her glory shall not be given to her neighbor Singapore. What I desire at this hour from India is to repent and change positively, so that a disease will not infiltrate the nation. This disease will be deadlier than HIV/AIDS and Ebola.
This disease will surface/manifest where they are least prepared, and if not contained it can destroy India’s economy.
President Uhuru Kenyatta:
He must think deeply and give thanks to the Lord because for the past three years there have been developments and good things happening in the nation.
He must permit Christianity to be established in the country so that the glory of Kenya will be lifted up; In addition, physical growth and economic improvements will be entrenched in Kenya as a nation.
  • Kenyans:
They should give honor to President Obama because he deserves it. He neither allows Kenya’s glory to sink nor forget his origin, Kenya.
They should think deeply and prevent whatever that can ruin Kenya’s economy. My glorious hand is about to pass through Kenya, but the people that are sabotaging the government’s efforts must change or else they will be punished accordingly.
  • Allow Christianity to reign:
My spiritual hand will pass through Kenya between March and September, there are certain goodies that will happen, but once more they must allow Christianity to be established at this period, because her glory wants to speak spiritually.
The hour of this year is resolution for every soul that believe that I King Christ is alive, thus says the Lord, but it will be revolution for those that did not believe that I Christ is alive. The children of hell fire that intend to mess up Kenya’s economy shall be punished severely.
The spiritual glory of Kenya is in her midst:
Though glory has come into the nation, if they change the glory shall manifest but if they did not change, My judgment will pass through the land, latest by September. They should be prepared because I the King of Kings will pass through Kenya and her glory will be lifted up in Africa.
They must pray fervently against ambush, I the King of Kings will pass through the nation, for that reason they must try to eradicate corruption that is trying to stain Ghana’s good name through the activities of the children of hell fire.
They must promote Christianity more than idols so that the glory of the country will be revealed in 2015 in ways that will make her to shine more than her neighbors,
President John Dramani Mahama:
The president must pray fervently between March 17th and July 7th, concerning those who don’t want him in that post and they are ready to take his life. If he did not harken to this voice, his case might be like someone who is sick, and died one the throne.
He must pray against spiritual storm of the body, because his body needs serious prayer during this time. If he believes that I Christ is alive, peace will fill his life, but if he doesn’t believe the people that he put his hope in shall disgrace him.
  • Needs Anointed spiritual advisers:
He must not listen to people’s advice, instead he must elect wise people filled with Holy Spirit as religious advisers and it must not be from Ghana alone.
These advisers can guide him spiritually, so that his administration will be successful until the end of his tenure.
If he is against this message, he will not be able to finish his tenure, says the Lord of hosts. He must make amendments wherever it is needed concerning the economy, and the lives of the youths in the nation.
Whoever that is disturbing/obstructing his administration shall be consumed by My covenant of revolution, says the Lord of hosts.
Spiritual Liberty for Ghana:
I want him to change totally to Me says the Lord, because this hour Ghana is about to receive Liberty from high places that surpasses human knowledge. The liberty is from Britain and America; it is this liberty that will make Ghanaians have connections in these countries, and the glory of Ghana shall be lifted up in this year 2015.
People in Authority:
I am sending My words for the last time to these people to search for the called people that are worthy to work for the upliftment of the glory. The people that are called who can assist the end time glory, most of them are among the law enforcement agencies, and they can rectify the Nigeria issues.
Why is it that the people in authority did not seek people that are called who can resolve the problems of the nation, perfect the system and make good to reign in the country?
The Called among the citizens:
Many of these called people are among the state security services. Several of them both male and female are in NNPC. They are capable to handle the petroleum, oil, and gas sector. In addition they have knowledge to repair and redeem Nigerian refineries. They know what to do in/on time when trouble arises and most importantly My work is paramount to them at this end time.
Why can’t these people in authority think deeply and nominate them to these posts? Instead they are appointing people that are not worthy of the glory to the posts. If they fail to change and make amendments, My judgment in form of revolution will come upon them, says the Lord of hosts.
In what way will the politicians benefit the country since they don’t think of the future? Also, they did not know the consequences of their selfish ambitions/goals and they forget to think about the future of the country.
The intentions of some politicians is that if they did not win the upcoming election there will be bloodshed in their states until it will encompass the whole nation. These following states must avoid anarchy/chaos Niger-Delta, Maiduguri, Kano, Kwara, Imo, Rivers, Katsina, Abuja, Lagos, and Oyo. They must think carefully that if the sky is falling it will collapse on everybody.
Furthermore, they should think deeply and pray seriously for Nigeria. Several of them are preparing for election while they will pass away before the Election Day; some will witness the election, but will be unable to benefit from election goodies. I have sent lots of My ambassadors to these people still they remain adamant, says the Lord. I am sending another message that I want Nigeria to change positively at this hour.
How to stop corruption:
If the country wants to eradicate corruption, it has to start from the top and not the bottom. It has to start from the present president, its administrative personnel, ex presidents, ex governors, ex senators, etc. If they reduce/terminate corruption among themselves, then others will follow suit.
If the head is rotten what do you think will happen to other anatomy of the body; because Nigeria’s matter can be compared to the case of the K-legged person that people are complaining that the load on his head is not balanced, but he replied that you are only assessing me from the top and not from the bottom where the problem originates.
The day that Nigerians think deeply and realize that nobody is above the law, and they give the judicial arm of the government the power to work without hindrance or interruption; then it will manifest that Nigeria’s problems will be resolved, and she will receive liberty.
Emulate President Obama & Chancellor Merkel:
Why can’t these people in authority learn from the wisdom that a female is using to govern Germany which made peace, stability, and development to dominate the country without any misunderstanding? Also they should emulate another woman’s wisdom that she is using to direct Brazil and they have peace in their country.
They can learn from President Obama, the wisdom he applied to bring the economy of the country back from the brinks of recession to buoyancy. If Nigerians can examine and apply the wisdom of good standing overseas countries, then they may be able to redeem the nation from collapsing.
Many people were elected as members of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). Though they are in charge of fraud, financial corruption, monetary embezzlement, etc, but they are not given the power to operate i.e. they are like toothless bulldogs.
I send My message to the people in authority so that they will repent, says the Lord of hosts. They should look for qualified people to be appointed to positions and anyone that put in their best should be acknowledged.
Boko Haram:
The Boko Haram issue will turn to history, says the Lord of hosts. Since Boko Haram financiers will be subdued, and the name of the organization will soon be forgotten. My judgment hand is descending to punish the spiritual generation of disobedient people.
Presidential Political Aspirants:
I send My message to them, if they refuse to change and make Me their Alpha and Omega, then they will lose the election. It is only those who fear and have faith in Me will win the election. Any aspirant that is arrogant and think of himself more that what he is shall put in all his efforts in vain because he will be defeated.
These people have to pray fervently because Satan is making efforts to harm one of these two people in a way that will make them to postpone the election. Seven days to the election lots of events shall happen in the following locations and I have said it before on January 1st, 2015.
The locations are Port Harcourt, Lagos, Abuja, and Kano, where there will be chaos because Satan is attempting to torment the Christians using the children of hell fire.
Paramilitary & Military Personnel:
The soldiers, Air Force, Navy, Customs, Immigration, EFCC, ICPC etc all these organizations/departments are not given the power/authority to operate efficiently.
If Nigeria wants My judgment in form of revolution to be reduced in 2015, then Nigerians have to obey the law and be law abiding citizens with nobody that is above the law. The day that Nigeria realizes that the law does not recognize or respect whoever writes it, from that day onward the youths of the nation shall progress and become important personalities.
Nigeria Citizens and Churches:
Every church and everybody that is devoted and has the faith that I Christ is the King of the universe and heaven, this year their scarcity will turn to abundance, and their history will change positively, thus says the Lord.
Every citizen that believes in the end time vision, have faith in miracles, and believe that all power belongs to God, shall witness resolution and great harvest in their lives.
The little churches that do My will shall witness increment in the number of their worshippers, while the big churches that reject the truth will suffer loss of members. If this event does not happen, then I am no longer the Almighty God.
The little churches must not fear because it is My pleasure to make them big says the Lord (Luke 12: 32). The great harvest is for every soul that has planted with tears because they will harvest in joy (Psalm 126: 5-6).
Women Governors and Upcoming Election:
Women are still coming to occupy authoritative posts in the nation. In this upcoming election there are certain governors that will pass away during their tenure and they will be replaced by women. The reason is that men are selling their birth right to women because of covetousness and corruption.
I use My throne to swear that a woman will still be the president of Nigeria. It is the truth and I send the message out.

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