Author: Emode Victor

A Promise For You From Bible Promises:

Topic: You Shall Have Whatever You Say [23/01/2017]

Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. Mark 11:24. Read: Mk 11:22-24

You shall have whatever you declare with your mouth not what others declared to or into your life. Other people’s declaration over your life cannot be much effective than what you declare to your life. Your life is in God’s hand and your hands. David said, I have put my life in my hand. The Bible says that, there are things that are given to you freely in the spirit realm and those things can only become real or reality when you align yourself in the spirit which can be done with your mouth. You must speak those free things in the spirit realm to the physical or else, they end up in there. Light existed in the spirit realm, but God spoke it to be because it’s not met for that realm but physical. David declared to Goliath that he would cut off his head even when he was with sling and stones, but God provided him sword.

What is the use of you riding a car in your dreams when you don’t have a bicycle in real life? Why would you be dreaming of mansion when you do not have a block? And why should you be spending money in your dreams when you are leaving from hand to mouth? Dreams tells us who we’re really created to be on earth. Not all dreams are evil, some dreams are a pointer to our destiny. Jesus said, If you believe what you say in prayer, you shall have them. You first receive before you have them physically.


* Father, I receive all that you’ve freely given to me in Christ Jesus and I declare that I have what I’ve asked in Jesus name

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