Emode Victor
Emode Victor

A Promise For You From Bible Promises: [10/MAY/2019]

Topic: You Can Still Be In The Number

And he said unto Jesus, Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom. And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, To day shalt thou be with me in paradise. Luke 23:42-43.

Read: Luke 23:39-43

The Bible teaches that, as long as there is life, there is hope and we can always make right our wrongs. The only place where we have no power to repent or ask either God or man for forgiveness is in the grave. But as long as we have breathe in our nostrils, we have opportunities to make changes. Eccl 9:4-5, 10. This means that things might not be going the way you want it to be but because you are alive, it can turn just the way you want it to be. This is why you don’t give up on your dream and vision. You must keep doing what you know how to do with integrity and believe that soon, you will enjoy the reward of your determination and perseverance.

Yesterday, we considered a topic which says, “would you be in the number”? Would you be among the people of God whom Jesus is coming soon to take home – heaven? Many people believe that, it is too late for them to be in the number simply because of what they have done in the past. Most people ask questions like, will the Lord ever forgive me for all the atrocities I have committed? Will He ever have anything to do with someone like me? Yes, He will. Jesus actually came to the world for people like you and not for the saints who are already saved. He came to save the drug addict like you, chained smoker, rapist, armed robber, cheat, fraudster, adulterer and adulteress, prostitute and a drunkard like you. His mission is to see to your freedom. The thief on the cross thought it was over for him. The people thought it was over for him. But Jesus gave him a new life to live in paradise with Him. You can be in the number right now if you turn to Jesus where you are. Are you ready to join the roll?

Bible Promises Thought:
Being alive now and surrendering to Jesus avails you the golden opportunity to be in the number of God’s people awaiting the arrival of Jesus to take them home.

Written By Emode Victor