The Daily Fountain Daily Devotional of the Church Of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) 30 August 2019 – Divine Instruction

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TOPIC: – Divine Instruction

READ: Jeremiah 7:28-34 King James Version (KJV)

28 But thou shalt say unto them, This is a nation that obeyeth not the voice of the LORD their God, nor receiveth correction: truth is perished, and is cut off from their mouth.

29 Cut off thine hair, O Jerusalem, and cast it away, and take up a lamentation on high places; for the LORD hath rejected and forsaken the generation of his wrath.

30 For the children of Judah have done evil in my sight, saith the LORD: they have set their abominations in the house which is called by my name, to pollute it.

31 And they have built the high places of Tophet, which is in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to burn their sons and their daughters in the fire; which I commanded them not, neither came it into my heart.

32 Therefore, behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that it shall no more be called Tophet, nor the valley of the son of Hinnom, but the valley of slaughter: for they shall bury in Tophet, till there be no place.

33 And the carcases of this people shall be meat for the fowls of the heaven, and for the beasts of the earth; and none shall fray them away.

34 Then will I cause to cease from the cities of Judah, and from the streets of Jerusalem, the voice of mirth, and the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom, and the voice of the bride: for the land shall be desolate.


Our passage advocates a lament for every nation that neglects the word of God. Such nations are forsaken and rejected.

They are the people of God’s wrath because they disobey God’s instructions which are the high way to distinction. Anybody who does not honour divine instruction will not fit into God’s end time agenda.

There is no amount of praying and fasting that can cancel divine instruction for you because God prefers your obedience to your sacrifice. If you want to achieve your goal in 2019 and fulfill your destiny, you must walk in and obey divine instruction.

You cannot be walking and living in disobedience and rebellion to God’s instruction and expect things to go well.

Divine instruction grants you divine speed and divine speed makes you outstanding in all of your life’s endeavours. Make up your mind from today to obey God’s instruction and you will not remain the same.

Prayer: Oh Lord! help me to walk with divine instruction.