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The Daily Fountain Devotional of the Church Of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) 25 May 2021 – Love Your Neighbours As Yourself

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TOPIC: Love Your Neighbours As Yourself (Anglican Devotional 25 May 2021)

READ: Deuteronomy 5:16-21 (NKJV)

  1. ‘Honor your father and your mother, as the LORD your God has commanded you, that your days may be long, and that it may be well with you in the land which the LORD your God is giving you.
  2. ‘You shall not murder.
  3. ‘You shall not commit adultery.
  4. ‘You shall not steal.
  5. ‘You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
  6. ‘You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife; and you shall not desire your neighbor’s house, his field, his male servant, his female servant, his ox, his donkey, or anything that [is] your neighbor’s.’


Our text for today deals with six commandments in the covenant relationship between Israel and God and all of them centre on our relationship with our neighbour. They include:

  • Honour your father and mother
  • You shall not commit adultery
  • You shall not steal
  • You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour
  • ,You shall not covet

Which of these commandments do you find difficult to keep?

In the new covenant order, Christ summed them up to LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOURSELF (Mark 12:31). He equally expanded on some of them, for instance, you shall not murder which he upgraded to a level whereby being angry with your brother makes you a murderer. Secondly, when one looks at a woman lustfully, he has committed adultery with her (Matthew 5:22 and 28). The fifth commandment has a promise of long life attached to it. How do you honour your parents? You must respect them for Christ pays serious attention to the peace and progress of our families.

Beloved, we have an obligation to keep all the commandments by the help of the Holy Spirit. If we fail in one, then we have failed in all (James 2:10). Jesus came to fulfil them and not to abolish them.

PRAYER: Lord help me to love my neighbour as myself.