Mrs Tokunbo Awoniyi

As the race for the 2015 general election gathers momentum, Wife of the Kogi State Deputy Governor, Mrs Tokunbo Awoniyi, has described politicians parading the alleged broom revolution as a change alternative to the PDP administration, as a misnomer, a deception and a lie that is unacceptable to women of the State.

Mrs Awoniyi stated this at a town hall meeting in Obangede, Okehi Local Govt Area, during the women stakeholders meeting with women from the Central Senatorial District. The meeting was geared towards rallying support for the re-election of President Goodluck Jonathan and other PDP candidates, urged them to reject the APC broom symbol without a rethink.

Mrs Awoniyi stated that a vote for the APC is a vote that will sweep away the entire successes so far attained under the Jonathan’s administration, and sweep away the good things that has come to the country in the last four years.

Mrs Awoniyi described President Jonathan as the genuine change the country needs, appealed to the women to stand by their resolve to re-elect him again.

The Wife of the Deputy Governor urged the women in the state, not to be intimidated by the mouthing of the opposition politicians, and described them as empty barrels that make the loudest noise, urged them to remain confident towards voting PDP and all its candidates in the forthcoming elections.

Mrs Awoniyi described those in the opposition as crop of politicians who are “old wine in a new bottle”, whose antecedent never meant well for this country when they had the opportunity, appealed to the women to remain resolute in their support for the PDP.

Mrs Awoniyi reminded women to go all out en masse to obtain their permanent voters card(PVC), disclosing that their vote will be their power in the February election, urged them not to sell or waste it but to reciprocate the developmental gesture of President Goodluck Joanathan whose commitments to the 35% women affirmation has explained has remained resolute.

Mrs Awoniyi commended women in the state for their believe in the continuity project, said having realized the potentials that await them in re electing President Jonathan, urged them to pass the message for continuity to their husbands and children on the imperative of delivering PDP, pointing out that President Jonathan is most favored to win again.

A vote for President Jonathan, Mrs Awoniyi disclosed will guarantee stability and transformation, urged the women to warn their children against electoral violence and to vote wisely, saying the revitalization of Ajaokuta Steel Company which President Jonathan promised, will have positive multiplier effect on the state’s economy, a project she explained was frustrated long ago years ago by those presently aspiring in the opposition party.

Mrs Tokunbo enjoined the women to deploy their eyes and mouth as a tool to attract votes in droves to enable the re-election of President Jonathan and all the candidates of PDP in Kogi State in the general election.

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