Pastor Adeboye



We give You all the Glory,
We give You Honour;
We give You all the Glory,
We give You Honour.

Ancient of Days, we give You all the Glory, we give You all the Honour, we give You all Adoration. Thank You for the first quarter of the year. Thank You for bringing us to the second quarter. Please accept our Worship in Jesus’ Name.

Father we pray that this particular Month would be a Glorious Month for us; that it will be a Month of Miracles, Signs and Wonders. That it will be a Month of Blessings.

And Lord, this Morning in particular; we pray that we will have an Encounter with You.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have prayed – Amen!

Let someone shout hallelujah – Hallelujah!

Well, shake hand with one (1) or two (2) people, say: “Good morning, God bless you”.

And then, you may please be seated.


12 Then Isaac sowed in that land, and received in the same year an hundredfold: and the LORD blessed him.

13 And the man waxed great, and went forward, and grew until he became very great:

14 For he had possession of flocks, and possession of herds, and great store of servants: and the Philistines envied him.

The Lord will bless someone this Month; Greatness is waiting for someone this Month. In the Name that is above every other names, someone is going forward this Month; And someone will grow rapidly this Month. Your own Greatness will not be ordinary – Amen!

This Month we are looking at “BORN TO SHINE”.

To shine means to EXCEL. When we say someone is shinning, we mean he is not just succeeding but he is EXCELLING – he is doing much more than others; succeeding much more than others.

That’s why those who are VERY SUCCESSFUL in any sphere of life are called “STARS” – Football Stars, Film Stars, et cetera.

When we talk about Film Star, we know that it is not one fellow who will act in a Film. Others would also act, but one fellow would Excel. So we call the fellow a “STAR”.

In the Name that is above every other names, you will begin to Excel – Amen!

Now, when someone is excelling, it is usual for people to want to know, “WHAT IS YOUR SECRET”. Why are you Excelling? Why are you Shinning?

And so for the next few minutes (I will be brief this morning, so that you can really have time to cry to God) we want to look at just one (1) example – the Example of ISAAC. How can somebody succeed so much that a whole Nation begin to envy him? It didn’t say the Nation ” ADMIRED” him. It says they “ENVIED” him. His success was so outstanding; it caused a whole Nation to envy him.

And am going to mention three (3) points;

1. Point No. 1 was that Isaac was BLESSED before he was born.

… We are talking about “BORN TO SHINE!”

Isaac was BLESSED before he was born. Genesis 12:1-3; when God was blessing Abraham, He said to him: I will bless you, I make you great, I will make your name great, I will bless those who bless you, I will curse those who curse you. Through your SEED shall all the Nations of the earth be blessed.

… Isaac already got a blessing through his father before he was born.

And the Bible says everyone who is a Christian is of the seed of Abraham. So how many Seed of Abraham is here today? – THE ENTIRE DMC MEMBERS are the SEEDS of Abraham.

… Let me hear you shout hallelujah – Hallelujah!

Because that means, you are BLESSED (even before you were born).

2. Isaac understood the meaning of TOTAL SURRENDER; he understood the meaning of Total Surrender.

In Genesis 22:1-14; when God said to Abraham: I want you to sacrifice your son Isaac whom you love, to me. As they were going to the mountain top for the sacrifice; Isaac asked his father, “where is the Lamb for the sacrifice?” His father (Abraham) said: God will provide. So the boy understood; “I am to be the sacrifice”.

If he did not surrender completely to his father, there is no way that could have happened. Because around this time, Isaac was about fifteen (15) years old. The father was close to 120 years. If a fifteen (15) years old boy wants to escape from a one hundred and twenty (120) years old man, there is no way the man can capture him. He allowed himself to be made “A FIRST FRUIT SACRIFICE”.

… He knew the meaning of Total Surrender.

That is why he qualified for MULTIPLICATION, not Addition; but Multiplication. Because in Genesis 22:15-18; when God called on Abraham the second time and said: because you have done this. Because you have released your son to me; in blessing I will bless you. But in multiplying, I will multiply THY SEED.


God said, Abraham you have given me a First Fruit Sacrifice, but the boy (who allowed himself to be the sacrificed) will not just be BLESSED; he will be MULTIPLIED.

I pray for someone here (or reading) today, before the end of this Year (2019); you will know the meaning of MULTIPLICATION.

3. Isaac knew the value of TOTAL OBEDIENCE to God. Total Obedience to God, not PARTIAL.

TOTAL, because in Genesis 26:1-6; the Bible tells us, there was famine in that land, and Isaac was thinking of relocating. But God told him, NO! Stay in this land. And he OBEYED!

It is in the land where he stayed; where God told him to stay (even though there was famine) that he now sowed; and he reaped a hundredfold.

If he had left that land to go and go elsewhere, there would have been no harvest.

… he obeyed God COMPLETELY!

The Bible says in Deuteronomy 28:1-2; and then verses 11-13; the Bible says: “If thou shalt hearken diligently unto the voice of the LORD thy God, to observe and to do ALL that He commands you”; He says then you will be running from blessing and blessing would be pursuing you and overtaking you. And then He went further to say that God would so bless you, you would be lending to Nations. And then He says, you would be head and never tail. Above ONLY and never beneath.



  1. You must have been Born to Shine;
  2. You must know the meaning of Total Surrender;
  3. You must know the meaning of Complete Obedience to God.

Combine those three (3); there is no way anybody can stop you from EXCELLING!


And so, if you are here (or reading) and you have not even surrendered your life to Jesus Christ. You have been coming to Church, pretending to be a Christian. But you have not learnt how to surrender completely to Him – that whatever He says, “that’s what I will do”. Not what any Philosopher may say, but whatever the Bible says, that is what I would do.

If you want to surrender your life to Him completely, so that He can become your Lord and Saviour. I will count from one (1) to four (4). Before I say four (4), come and stand before me, I will pray for you; God will save your soul and your journey to shinning will begin.

So am counting now….(clapping). The choice is yours. The moment you become a True Christian, you become a Seed of Abraham, and the blessings of Abraham can then flow over to you.

Ok! Those of you who are on the way, keep coming. Those of you who are already in the front (of the Altar) talk to the Almighty God. Ask Him to have Mercy on you; ask Him to save your soul. Promise Him that from now on, you will serve Him and you will obey Him: Go ahead, talk to the Almighty God. Pray now, ask Jesus Christ to have Mercy on you, ask Him to save your soul.

The rest of us, please stretch your hands towards these people and intercede for them. That the One who saved your soul would save their own souls also. That the Blood of Jesus Christ will wash away their sins. And that God would receive them into the Family of God – pray for them, Brethren.

And if anybody still wants to come, you have to hurry up right now, because am about to pray for Salvation.

Thank You Father; thank You Jesus. In Jesus Mighty Name we have prayed – Amen.

And so Father we want to say Thank You this Morning. Thank You for Your Words and Thank You for these people that have come forward to surrender their lives to You. Please receive them in Jesus’ Name. Forgive them, in Jesus’ Name. Let Your Blood wash away their sins. Save their souls oh Lord. Please write their names in the “Book of Life”. And from now on, as they begin to obey You; like never before, whenever they cry unto You, answer them by Fire. And let them serve You till the end.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have prayed – Amen, Amen! Praise the Lord!

Now those of you who have come forward, I want to rejoice with you. Because from now on by the Grace of God I will be praying for you. And so am going to need your names, your address and your prayer request.

If you turn to your left, you will see somebody there with a placard; kindly follow him. He will take you to where some Pastors are waiting; they will collect the information that I want. And then bring you back quickly. And I promise you I will be praying for you.

God bless you, you can begin to go now. God bless you (clapping continues).

Thank You Jesus, thank You Father – Amen!

Now we want to pray; and your first prayer will be to ask God for GRACE;

  • Grace to surrender completely to Him.
  • Grace obey Him in all things.

STORY: I have told some of you the story before. I preached a Sermon on a Sunday, I think it was in Ilorin (several years ago) on “TOTAL SURRENDER”. When I finished preaching, a young man came to me and said: Now I know the meaning of Total Surrender, and am ready to surrender COMPLETELY to God.

I said, that’s very good; because I was just thinking “who is going to make a car available to us? Because we want to go somewhere tomorrow and we need a car”. He said, Ah! But tomorrow is Monday, I need my car to go to work.

I laughed, and said: we are not going anywhere. I just want you to know that “you haven’t surrendered anything at all”.

… Stand on your feet;

1. Lift your voices to the Almighty God, and say Father, give me the Grace to Surrender ALL to You. Give me the Grace (3ce) to surrender all to You. Give me the Grace to understand Total Surrender (2ce).

Isaac surrendered himself, even unto death -Total surrender! Give me the Grace Lord, to be able to surrender completely to You. You are my Lord, my future is in Your hands – In Joy, in sorrow, in hardship, in times of blessing; Give me the Grace to surrender completely to You Lord.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have prayed – Amen.

2. Now you will lift your voices to Him again and say Father, the Grace to be Totally Obedient, please release unto me.

Open your mouth and cry to the Almighty: the Grace to be Totally Obedient, Lord please release unto me. Give me the Grace to be Totally Obedient (3ce). Thank You Jesus: the Grace to be Totally, Totally Obedient; give to me oh Lord. In everything that you command. Let me be Totally Obedient. Let me be Totally Obedient Lord: in praying, in studying Your Words, in giving, in paying my Tithe, in giving my First Fruits, in witnessing, in planting Churches, in follow up. The Grace to be Totally Obedient to You Lord, give unto me.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have prayed – Amen.

And so shall it be in Jesus’ Name – Amen!

Now, some people wrote to us, requesting that we pray for them. And we replied that they should come to Divine Encounter, let us pray for them.

If you are such people, would you please come to the Altar, so that we can pray for you now?

The rest of us, shall we ask God for something SPECIAL that we want Him to do for us in the Month of April (2019). Let’s go ahead, just for two (2) minutes, and ask God for something Special that we want Him to do for us.

… And so shall it be in Jesus’ Name – Amen!

My Father and my God, once again I want to thank You for everything You did for us in January. Thank You for what You did in February. Thank You for what You did in March. And now, thank You for April. Please accept our thanks in Jesus’ Name.

Am committing these Your Children who have come to the Altar for SPECIAL PRAYERS into Your Hands; they believe that if we pray together like this, You will answer them. Father please Honour their flFaith. The Miracles they needed, Father please give unto them. Even before this day is over, let them have Testimonies.

As for the rest of Your children who have asked You for something SPECIAL for the mlMonth of April; Lord God Almighty, before Friday, do it for them. No matter how BIG their request, Father give it unto them.

As for Your children, the Administrative Officers who are starting their Conference today; please Lord gather with them. In a very Special Way, Minister unto them.

Father I pray that all who have given (their offering) today, from now on would begin to Shine.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have prayed – Amen!

Let someone shout hallelujah – Hallelujah!

Please don’t forget that this Month (April) Holy Ghost Service is specially for CHILDREN. So make sure that you bring all your children. And invite all your neighbours to come along with the children, too this Friday, 5th April, 2019 by 7pm. It will be a very SPECIAL DAY indeed!

… And please, leave very early so that traffic will not stop you.

Who got the BIGGEST BLESSING? The entire DMC Members did!

Let me hear your BIGGEST Hallelujah – HALLELUJAH!!!!!

Thanks so much for staying with us and reading all through.

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