Ministering: Dr. D.K Olukoya (G.O, MFM Worldwide)

Topic: Connecting to the Grinding Power of God

Anchored Scriptures: Matthew 21: 42 & 44

When you’re a true child of God, you have surrendered your life to God. You have surrendered all like that song writer says; any power opposing you are running against an immovable stone. If they strike that stone, they will end up sustaining injuries. If they sufficiently provoke a stone, and the stone decide to move against them, it will grind them to powder.
So two ways: it’s either you fall upon that stone, or this stone falls upon you. Confronting a true child of God will reduce the confronter to dust that it may be scattered to winds. To engage the children of the stone, is to write a courier letter to irredeemable destruction.

Earlier this morning we sang that song:
That rock that never fails,
I hide in you (2ce),
In you there is power.
It says behold, I lay in Zion a stumbling block, if anyone falls on that rock, it shall be broken into pieces.
The problem now comes, who are the children of the stones, because they are the ones we must not mess up with.

G.O narrates a real life incident:
In 1994 when MFM started here, all the native doctors here gathered together and held meetings for days, they were calling my name (it was one of them that came to confess). When they kept on calling, a stone appeared before them, they spoke to the stone, and it didn’t move. They closed for the day, the next day, they still called my name and saw the stone. They spoke incantations, the stone didn’t move. In day three, an elderly man in their midst summoned them and told them that this man of God you called, and stone appeared yesterday and today, if you call again the third time and it appear, they will all be gone out of this world. So they closed the case and their agenda.

You must have heard me sharing this, I (the GO) need to share it again.
This woman will get pregnant and at certain month of pregnancy, in her dream, a wild cow will appear before her in the dream and use his horn to move towards her forcefully and puncture her stomach, the next day, the baby is dead. Someone brought her to this meeting, then PMCH has not started then. She heard me saying a scripture in Matthew 22:44. I taught them one prayer point that: power attacking my life, collide with the rock of ages in the name of Jesus! She was pregnant then. That night, she had a dream again and the cow made the attempt he regularly makes, when it remain a slightest flint to hit her, a stone appeared and it collided with the stone. The next day, her chief bride when she wedded, who have always come to sympathize with her anytime she lose the baby; she died a violent death, with all her skulls broken.

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Why will the rock of ages will observe trouble and will not act, two problems arises:

1. Problem number 1 is what we find in psalm 78:41-51. This is everything God has done, but they limited God. It is a very sad situation, they turned God into a limited liability company which could fall into debt and closure. They forgot that God is a man of war. The same people God saved began to accuse God, and God always get angry when men put a limit on Him. The sin of limiting God is a common sin among Christians. Unbelief is an insult to the power of God. There was a man called Winston Churchill. He was an intellectual block head. He was mocked and was given an award for the positions of dons and idiots. This same man was made a prime ministers and he was head over those who mocked him then. Every tongue that has limited your destiny is dried up now in the name of Jesus! Any satanic arrow that has determined to be part of your life, I kill it now in the name of Jesus. Do you know why some of us have problems? It is because we engage the devil in discussions. All those why in your life are all questions from the devil. Satan has always asked questions but he doesn’t ask any honest question. After a service so powerful, he will come and ask you do you think that prophesy upon your life will come to pass? If you don’t keep off from that question, very soon he will begin to suggest his own prescriptions to that your problem. Abram meant exalted father, God changed his name to Abraham which meant father of many nations. So as God removed abram from his (Abraham) life, God will remove every abram in your business, life and career in the name of Jesus!

2. Problem number 2 is that A lot of people are being invited to connect to the rock of ages but then, there are certain rough edges God need to remove from their lives. Many of us are suffering from what is called spiritual immaturity. Many Christians give very little time to devote to the study of the word of God but they devote a greater attention to their career studies. Woe to God that our priorities change as believers, that’s why the New Testament lament to your commitment to the word of God.

Bottomline: For the grinding stone to work for you, you must not limit God, you must be a man of God, His word must dwell richly in you.
Bow down your head and pray this prayer: Anything in my life that will prevent the rock of ages from fighting for me, no matter how I love it, take it away from my life.

Prayer Rain:
Before Hymn Ministration prayers by Daddy D.K Olukoya:
1. Raise up your hand to the heaven-lies: In this month, whether the enemy likes it or not, I shall prosper by fire in the name of Jesus.

2. Thou power of opportunity wasters, I’m not your candidate, die in the name of Jesus.

3. Anywhere I appear this month, darkness shall disappear in the name of Jesus.

Before Men Choir Ministration: Prayers by Daddy D.K Olukoya
The following prayers are prayers to confront the ember months:

4. All my breakthroughs in captivity, be delivered in the name of Jesus.

5. In whatever I’m passing through now, oh God: answer your name in my life in the name of Jesus.

6. Oh God arise and scatter the decisions of my enemies in the name of Jesus.

7. Sources of my battles, what are you waiting for? Die in the name of Jesus.

8. Every evil hand upon my life assigned to scatter my progress, die in the name of Jesus.

Beginning from now on, wear your cap of glory now and shout this mercilessly:
9. Any power that wants suffering to be my signature, oh God arise, scatter them in the name of Jesus.

10. Powers rising up early to curse me, oh God arise, tear them to pieces in the name of Jesus.

11. Satanic lions assigned to tear my destiny, oh God arise, tear them to pieces in the name of Jesus.

12. Oh God arise (shout it three times), make me unstoppable in the name of Jesus.

13. Wicked prophets, wicked witch doctors assigned to mock my destiny, oh God arise, tear them to pieces in the name of Jesus.

14. Every problem left in this year shall not rest on my shoulders in the name of Jesus.

15. Whenever I knock a door, oh Heavens, open seven doors unto me in the name of Jesus.

16. Powers assigned to kill my destiny in the room of battle, what are you waiting for? Die in the name of Jesus.

17. Any power feeding a tree against me, die with your tree in the name of Jesus.

During Sermon ministration Prayers: by Daddy DK Olukoya:

18. Close your eyes and think about the warfare projected into your dream life and shout this: warfare in my dream, stone of fire, kill them now in the name of Jesus.

19. Powers contesting for my joy, collide with the rock of ages in the name of Jesus.

20. Say I connect my life to the grinding power of the rock of ages (3 hot times) in the name of Jesus.

After Sermon ministration Prayers: by Daddy D.K Olukoya
Pray these prayers with fire and power:

21. Powers consulting sand to fight against me, rock of ages, grind them to powder in the name of Jesus.

22. Any power saying my battle will not end, die in the name of Jesus.

23. Every agent of bad luck, carry your load in the name of Jesus.

Very Special announcement by the General Overseer (Dr. D.K Olukoya), MFM Worldwide:

All the men in this service please listen carefully, all the wives in this service; pass this information to your husbands whether born again or not: Next Sunday @ the international headquarters, we shall anoint all the hands of all the men in the service. This will be a continuous process in the next three sunday services. There are men who have giant breakthroughs in their hands and the enemy makes it slip out of their hands mysteriously.

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Flatimes Notice Board: Until you are born again, God ever abiding presence will never be with you. You must be born again to enjoy continuous victory. Please say the displayed prayer below in faith:

Lord Jesus, come into my life. I accept You as my Lord and Personal Saviour. I believe in my heart You died and rose from the dead to save me. Thank You Lord for saving me, in Jesus name Amen.

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