International Headquarters Sunday Worship Thanksgiving Service for the conclusion of the 70 days prayer and fasting program


Topic: When God uses the enemy

Ministering: Dr D.K Olukoya (G.O, MFM Worldwide)

Anchored Scriptures: Psalm 3

Obstacles, blockages, they are fore runners of miracles. When there’s no obstacles, no hindrances, there would be no miracles. Opposition prepares you fully for your manifestation. The only man who has no enemy in this life is to be called an idiot. Every man is entitled to an enemy, it will reveal to you the hardness, it would reveal to you your weakness, it would reveal to you your uncaring attitude.

May be you’re a pastor, you need someone who will be confronting you. Yet you must love the person. In reality, problem constitute access to life. If you don’t have any trouble, nothing to pray against, it means God has forgotten you. We grow through challenges. That teacher that doesn’t want to give you peace, you actually need him in order to challenge you to work harder. If you’re a servant, you need a master who frowns at anything you do. They are oppositions to force you to pray to God.

Problems helps you fortify your wall of defense, it fortify your strategy of attack.

Let those problems become wings that will move you to where it will take you to a place of greatness. If you say that husband or wife is wicked, it enables you to work harder or get to a position/level where you no longer see that person as a wicked person.

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You can turn your problems to clutches to which you walk with or you can turn that problem to wings you use to fly.

I have known women who will never move their feet to MFM but the enemy harassed them and moved them to their place of breakthrough. If the enemy has realized that he has made a terrible mistake, it would not have harass them.

Some would never have found the throne of grace if the enemy has not attacked them.

G.O narrates a real life incident:

A mother in law followed a newly wedded couple home after their wedding. It was the husband mother. After following them home, they chatted and chatted and later the son asked his mum that are you not going home? She refused to go. The house was a three bedroom flat. She was compelled to the guest room but refuse to go.
The mother insisted she must follow them to the room and the son could utter no word. The mother went there and jumped into the bed first. She asked her son to come and he did. Thereafter, she warned her daughter in law that she should let her words get into her thick skull: that she is the first wife and her sons wife is the second wife and that whatever she wants to do that night in the bedroom would be done in her presence. From that very day, the new bride knew that she’s has entered into a battle.

The enemy you have is a signal that you’re somebody worth paying attention to. The enemy makes you to be a better person, the enemy keep you on your toes. They (the enemy) are catalyst to bring out your creativity. The enemy is used by God to bring greatness and advancement into your life.

You can be helped by an enemy. God can and would bless you through your enemies.

It was the disloyalty of Judas that helped Jesus to the cross. Moses became popular because of the stubbornness of pharaoh. It was that enemy pharaoh that made us to read a lot of Moses. The emergence of Goliath announced David. Who could have heard of Joseph if not for the wickedness of his brothers?
This is how God use the enemy to operate and to push people forward.

Men conspired against Daniel and threw him into the lion’s den. It was that encounter in the lion’s den that drew nations close to God. The destructive attack of satan against job made job twice as rich as he was before.

Prayer Rain:
Sealing prayers Dr.D.K Olukoya: for the conclusion of the thanksgiving service. Pray these prayers with authority and strength.

1. Every spitting serpent assigned to poison my life, die in the name of Jesus.

2. Every dog barking against my joy, die in the name of Jesus.

3. Oh God arise, bring honey out of the rock for me in the name of Jesus.

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Lord Jesus, come into my life. I accept You as my Lord and Personal Saviour. I believe in my heart You died and rose from the dead to save me. Thank You Lord for saving me, in Jesus name Amen.

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