MINISTERING: DR D.K. OLUKOYA (General Overseer MFM Worldwide)
TEXT: Luke 24:29, Acts 1:8

There is a power from above, different from the power from the moon, from the water etc.
It is a power from above, it is a power in which every other power bow before.
There is a principle, when there is a smaller power, automatically, the bigger power must overshadow it.
It is a tragedy from Christianity that we have not receive the power from above.

The demonstration of this power was NOT only kept to the prophet. That is why Jesus said “Have ye not know that ye are gods; that is why the king of Kings and Lord of Lords but the problem is we are not connected to the power. Unfortunately, only few people demonstrate the power of God.

That is why even some pastors go to witch doctor or magicians to receive power for miracles. The reason why we have all this pastors is because even the congregation are not connected to the power of God, that is why most people have been enslave by some men of God

Until a level of power fall on you, you cannot rise to another level you want, some people are operating under the deficit but they need a power to move them from the dungeon to the palace. Some people are Gold minded that whatsoever they place their hands on will prosper but when that same fellow is cage, then they will be staying in the dunghill instead of staying in the palace, that is why some Christians are afraid because they are powerless afraid of demonic charms

“The signs of Christianity is not a cross, the signs of Christianity is the tongues of fire”. If you claim the signs of Christianity is the cross, Jesus has left there a long time ago
The bible did not put us in the darkness, it was only in the Old Testament that the prophets alone experience the power, today everybody must possess his power.
The in-fill of the Holy Ghost is the source of power. Everybody is covered to prophesy (more than before, we need to connect to the Pentecostal power).

– This is the power that cannot be reproach,
– Insulted
– That make way where there is no way
– That conquers all opposition
– That returns all arrows to the owner
– That remove trouble situation
– That makes progress inevitable
– That do great wonders
– That makes your enemy to work for you
– That divides the red sea effortlessly
– That disgraces and silence idol worshippers
– That brings dry bones to live

– You need to become a friend of Jesus
– Confess all sins
– Cry out to receive the power

1. Pentecostal power, i am available, overshadow my life, in the name of Jesus
2. Holy ghost, turn me to fire, in the name of Jesus.

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