Topic: Between Ego And Pride! [Tuesday January 17, 2017]

Ego is feeling of importance.

Everybody has a measure of ego within himself. It is not pride but self esteem.

It births confidence and facilitates release of potentials. The ego of man is raised when people around him gives him a sense of worth.

Jesus couldn’t perform many miracles among His own people because He was derided by them.

As a result He was “Demoralized.”

His ability to perform was momentarily restrained because of low ego.

Ego is about self-esteem while pride is about focusing on self.

Ego is calm and never contention.

But pride is self seeking, contentious and will easily react to people who don’t allow it to be exhibited.

Pride seeks recognition and will even react to those who don’t allow it room to express itself. However, never allow your ego to be submerged.

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