Topic: The Place of Planning (Part 3) [Monday June 19, 2017]


Facts are the raw materials for planning. To be a good planner you must be well informed, get the relevant facts for what you want to do. The strength of your plan is a function of the facts available to you. You can either get facts from above by divine insight or through observation. Take note of what you see around you and take counsel from others when necessary, whether they are your superiors, assistants or colleagues. Look out for people with results; People who are doers of what they preach and read their books, listen to their tapes or contact them physically.


After you have gathered relevant facts, you have to process it through thinking. Knowledge is utilized through thinking. If you gather information without thinking, it cannot not profit you. It is through thinking that you articulate facts and information to your personal life. Wisdom doesn’t jump on people, it is born via the process of thinking. God only gives you the inspiration, which is the raw material. You have to process it in your mind through thinking till you get out the relevant facts that you need to plan your life the way you ought to and get the results that you desire.

Meditate on these: Joshua 1:8, Isaiah 1:18a

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