(Why Ese)

Ese means thank you in Yoruba language in the western part of Nigeria. This song came to me as a reminder, when i think of how many people who die everyday through different medium, most terrible one was before i lost my Dad in 2016.

I spent my first two weeks of the new year with him in the hospital, I saw a lot of patient crying with different symptoms, many were not because they had no money to be heal. I can still remember a very rich man who was rushed into the emergency unit, who passed out under an hour.

After spending all I had, my Dad still died. Why I said to my God thank you, is because of the great gift of life.

Ese By Ambassador David – Mp3, Lyrics



Oh oh oh uuu yeah
Thank you Lord
Am grateful to you
Oh oh Abasi sosongo oh oh
There is no god like you Jesus hallelujah

Verse one

You do the things
Wey man no fit do…..
You make a way eeeee
Where there seems no way eeeh
Nah you be God oh
Your not a man oh
For all you av’ done
We have come to say eeeeeeh


Ese oh oh oh olorumi eee 2x
Ese oh oh oh akwa abasi 2x

Verse two

Thank you yeah yeah
You changed my life
You gave me what I want….
You will never let me die before my time
See am alive me I no go die
Many in the hospital crying after doctors and nurses
We av’ come to say eeeeeh

Repeat chorus

Everyday many deh die
But we are alive….. Oh
Waiting i go give to you
For the life i deh live….
Anything you want me do
I say nah waiting i go do
My papa eeh eeh
My papa eeh eeh
Nah you big oh
Daddy nah you big oh

Repeat chorus
Repeat chorus


Thank you Lord
For all you av’ done
We are so grateful
Nobody is like you Jesus.

Ese By Ambassador David – Mp3, Lyrics