DATE: SUNDAY, 03-02-2019

Happy New Year to you in Jesus name.

Today, I’d be speaking on the altar of destiny obituary. It is pertinent to know that destiny is a key and crucial matter. Due to this, three entities are interested in it:

  1. God: God is interested in destiny because that’s the sole reason for your creation;
  2. Man: Man wants to find fulfilment and as such, its an object of his interest;
  3. The Devil: The Devil too is interested in your destiny because he knows quite well that once he succeeds in diverting you from it, all your noise in church about your superiority over him is just empty breeze. He clearly understands that God cannot bless you in a place that He hasn’t called you to be. For many here, their angels of breakthrough are waiting at a bus stop from which they had already departed.

Facts on Destiny:

  1. It is God’s pre-ordained future for you;
  2. It is God’s plan for your life;
  3. It is the purpose for which you were born;
  4. It is your divine blueprint;
  5. It is what is written in the book of heaven concerning your life.

It is for these reasons that you must discover and work on it early in life. One tragedy of life is that it is a disaster to do the right thing at the wrong time. Listen beloved, there can be no success outside one’s divine destiny. Any success one claims to have outside their divine destiny is a journey to bondage from which they might never recover. Once a person is out of destiny, the devil loses interest in them because he knows that person is practically finished.

The Altar of Pre-marital and Non-marital Sex:

Two potent and devastatingly dangerous weapons the enemy employs in capturing destinies are:

  1. Sex and;
  2. Drugs.

However, of the two, the more potent is sex. The enemy seems to have done an outpouring of the spirit of the dog. Categorically speaking, this has become a ‘doggy’ generation. It causes me deep worry and grief especially when I consider the rate at which young people die (physically and destiny-wise).

From experiences gathered in the past year, it is with great sadness in my heart, that I lament the horrible scale of destruction outpoured on the youths of today. Sadly, I recently got to hear of the burial of a university student. The ostentatious life of her friends appealed to her and not long after she was introduced to a sex partner who would prey on her lust for mundane things. To cut a long story short, she died from excessive lactation.

Another tragic incident is that of a young man currently awaiting my arrival at the headquarters. This young fellow was literally free as his parents had gone overseas. He brought home a sex partner from a party who unknown to him was a mermaid. He discovered after several rounds that he felt a cold sensation around his leg area. Long story short, he now knows that he is doomed.

The altar of sex is an altar which has created a great level of impurity, caused a great level of pollution, created a future time bomb, shaven the hair of so many a Samson, caused irrecoverable loss of glory and destiny, created the most chronic deliverance cases, initiated hidden infirmities, and spread the seed of polygamy.

It has provoked generational evil accusations, caused catastrophe in children, initiated bewitched womb, attracted curses to the body’s organs, transformed a person to a slave in the spirit realm, and caused plenty of spiritual evil collection.

Beloved, this altar acts to fragment souls, it ensures shining lights are dimmed, it has encouraged family idolatry, turned prophets to parrots, rendered pastors past tense, turned goldmines to dustbins, reconfigured deliverance to disturbance, converted eagles to chickens and heroes to zeroes.
It has rewired young people’s brain to failure, initiated destructive covenants, punctured virtue balloons, placed many young people on death row, initiated many young people into witchcraft.

It has empowers stubborn spirit wives and husband, programed destiny impotence and stammering, it has a capacity to provoke divine anger, wasted prophets and prophetesses, converted somebody into nobody, programmed serpents into so many lives, buried multiple talents, moved people from grace to grass, de-anointed men of God aggressively.

This altar provokes power failure, empowers the marine world to wreak havoc and finally published the greatest number of obituaries.

Listen beloved, people of destiny are not sexually loose. Women of destiny, do not pull off their pants at the slightest provocation. Same goes with men of destiny, they never plunge their penis into just any available hole. Listen carefully, there is no free sex. Every sexual act is a spiritual transaction. Pre-marital or non-marital sex exposes one’s life to the attacks of the enemy as it signals to the demons that you’ve crossed into the spirit realm illegally.

One such case that tragically ended in death was the story of a man who slept with his secretary. Unknown to him the secretary happened to be a marine queen. As instructed by the Holy Ghost that fateful day, a word of prophecy came forth. It was that he should report to my office for prayers after service and that failure to comply would signal his end within seven days. However, since his wife was with him, he tried without success to devise tricks to shake her off. With every attempt of his, she insistently wouldn’t budge. He opted not to come as he wanted to keep it a secret from her. Unfortunately, he died the following Tuesday.

Hear this friends, any act of pre or non-marital sex is highly dangerous. To confirm what you already know so well, during sexual adventures, humans share bodily fluids like water and blood. However, it doesn’t end there. They share some spiritually vital and physically relevant virtues, more so, heritage, destiny, children, success, failure, battle, misfortunes, sicknesses, pains, discomforts, poverty pretty much everything. But most importantly, demons. I’d let you in on a secret today, know for a surety that the greatest mode of demon transfer is sex outside marriage.

I have an advice to the soon-to-be-wedded lovebirds, I urge you not to build your marriage on a faulty foundation. Except on the basis of marriage, all other acts of sexual adventures are illicit. Listen, even if both families signatory to the wedding have a cordial relationship, know for sure that this isn’t a license for you to engage in sexual adventures, only marriage is. Desisting from any such acts only works in your favor.

The Mystery of DNA and Sex:

Experimental results from a research conducted by a University in America reveals that if you have sex with a man, his DNA lives in you forever. The result of this research has informed and given immense insight on why God frowns at pre and non-marital sex. This result proves that when sexual intercourse occurs between a male and a female, there is a deposit of the DNA of the man in the woman. Furthermore, the man who has had more sex with her, leaves more of his DNA in the woman and as such whenever the woman ovulates, the eggs that she produces may contain more of other DNAs. Judging by the results of this experiment, it is hugely advisable that the girl child remains a virgin until marriage. Suffice to say that once a lady has multiple sex partners, it becomes a room of confusion as her cells becomes reconfigured. Little wonder, children from many homes have terrible behavioral problems.

Ladies, listen carefully, whenever you absorb sperm from a man, you absorb a living entity into your life. The living cells enter your bloodstream. This could perhaps be the reason as to why a married couple who have been married for so long a time end up looking alike. Say no to sex outside marriage, say no to pre and extra-marital affairs.

On a conclusive note, the consequences of pre-marital and non-marital sex are devastating, humiliating and horrible. Reuben, David and a host of others landed in deep troubles because of sexual looseness. Of what essence is it if you are plagued by feelings of guilt, self-condemnation, anxiety, doubt, wasted time, testimony damage etc. Don’t acquire a demon of your sexual partners. Flee all forms of sexual perversion.

I urge you beloved to please rise above these limitations. Till next time. Peace.

Prayer Points:

  1. Powers saying that I will not go far, your time is up, die in the name of Jesus.
  2. Powers waiting to hear me cry where I expect laughter, before I leave here, die in the name of Jesus.
  3. Powers assigned to waste my destiny, die in the name of Jesus.

The Altar of Destiny Obituary by Pastor D.K Olukoya

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