A man purported to be Lagos governor’s uncle, Alhaji Kayode Fashola, has been accused of beating up his wife.

In the viral message posted by one Rachel Adenuaga on social media, the Alhaji in question was labelled as irresponsible, chronic womaniser, unrepentant drunk and a chain smoker.

Rachel Adenuga, who claims to be a close friend of Alhaji Fashola’s second wife, posted the message below on facebook and it has since gone viral.

Governor of Lagos State Tunde Fashola.

His number is 08033282610 and he lives at 21, Akinhanmi Street Surulere.

I have decided to post this on facebook so that people know the kind of person he is and for the public to be careful.

The woman in picture is his legally married second wife. Her offence is that he found a complimentary card on her table.

And without asking questions, he locked the door and almost beat her to death.

Again I must warn the public that this man is not only a wife beater, he is a smoker, a drunk, extremely jealous and a chronic womaniser.

He boasted that he is above the law in Lagos by virtue of his position but we all know that no one is above God.”

Pulse Nigeria put a call to the number Adenuga provided to get the reaction of Alhaji Fashola on the domestic violence allegation but the phone was switched off.

A message was also sent to the number but there was no response. All efforts to get his own side to the allegation were not successful as at the time of this publication.

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