A Promise For You From Bible Promises:

Topic: In This Ninth Month, I Must Deliver [01/09/2017]

Now Elisabeth’s full time came that she should be delivered; and she brought forth a son. Luke 1:57. Read: Lk 1:57-58

 Congratulations! Congratulations!! Congratulations!!! Why am I congratulating you? Because this month is the month of your delivery. The pregnancy you’ve carried from the past eight months has finally entered the month when you shall deliver. Every pregnant woman gives birth on the ninth month, except otherwise when it comes before the ninth month which is called premature delivery. Well, since yours has not come before this Month, it shall surely come this Month in Jesus Mighty Name. By the power in the Name of Jesus, you shall surely deliver. Whether physical or spiritual pregnancy, you shall take delivery of them in Jesus Mighty Name. What is that expectation in your life since January till date that has not come to fulfillment, it shall not escape this ninth month.

The Bible says that Elizabeth full time came and she delivered, in the Name of Jesus Christ, your full time has come and you shall deliver. No more postponement. Some women carry their pregnancy for more than nine months, yours shall not be like that because your full time has come and it is now in Jesus mighty Name. Just as many people came to rejoice with Elizabeth, men and women shall come to felicitate with you on your delivery. Whether you like it or not, whether it is convenient for the devil or not, you must deliver this Month in Jesus Mighty Name. Welcome to your month of delivery and  testimony galore for you.


* Father, in this ninth month, whether spiritually, physically, Ministerially, Health wise, Financially, Materially, Business wise, Career wise, Studies and in all ramifications I take  delivery in Jesus Mighty Name

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