Author: Emode Victor

A Promise For You From Bible Promises:

Topic: It’s For A Purpose [27/05/2017]

But unto Hannah he gave a worthy portion; for he loved Hannah: but the LORD had shut up her womb. 1 Samuel 1:5. Read: Pro 13:12

Whenever something is going on (whether good or bad), one of the understanding God expects one to have is to find out God’s purpose concerning such happening. Reason being that, nothing happens without the knowledge of God and without His permission (permission in the sense that, when He sees it, He overlooks). When you take time to find out God’s purpose behind everything that happens to you, you will know what to do per time. For example, God purposely blocked Hannah’s womb to give her Samuel the great prophet. In spite of the delay, she kept her faith alive, going to the house of the Lord year in year out.

On the other hand, the devil oftentimes is responsible for the delay most children of God experience in life. He deliberately does it to discourage God’s children, he makes them believe that God is too slow in answering prayers therefore, causes them to seek alternative ways to solve their problems. God answers prayers and He will answer all your prayers today in Jesus Mighty Name. The Bible says the very first day Daniel began to pray, God heard him and answered his prayer but the prince of Persia delayed the answer till twenty one days. Dan 10:12-13.


* Today, God will answer all your prayers
* All your pending answers to prayers shall be speedily delivered unto you
* Your testimony shall no longer be delayed because God has answered you in Jesus Mighty Name

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