Jiji and App: The Best Of Shopping

You say “shopping”, we say “Jiji”. If you cannot understand the logic from the very first second, make yourself comfortable and prepare to find out some facts about Jiji website.

Jiji is

  • One of the biggest classifieds websites in Nigeria
  • Modern web marketplace, functioning like real market in a new domain
  • Online shopping spot with 600,000 items
  • 4.6 mln users and 15 mln monthly visits
  • Low prices with no extra charges
  • Convenient search system
  • Dealing with real people only
  • Direct communication with other users
  • Safety and security

There is also Jiji App:

  • Easy to install and convenient to use
  • Free download
  • Minimum advertising
  • Low space, data and traffic use
  • No interference with general functioning
Happy buyers can
  • Access the huge selection of new and use things  
  • Buy shoes and clothing, phones and laptops, cars and tokunbo, find jobs and property and much more in one place
  • Get detailed descriptions with photos
  • Easily contact sellers
  • Keep calm and feel safe
Happy sellers can
  • Post an unlimited number of ads for free
  • Sell fairly used things
  • Easily make money on stuff they don’t need
  • Use verified status and boost programs for promoting business
  • Find buyers in any remote village as easy as in Lagos
  • Make people happy by making desired things affordable to them

Jiji lets users to discover the very best of shopping. So take out your Smartphones, kids, and get ready to download Jiji App, which is available for free and ready to take you on an exciting shopping journey. 

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