Dunamis Paul Enenche

Your Joy And The Enemy By Pastor Paul Enenche

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  1. Understanding the joy of the Christian
  2. Understanding why the enemy is after the joy of the Christian
  3. Understanding the pathways and triggers of joy


  1. One of the most important characteristics of a Christian is the joy of the LORD (Acts 2:13)
  2. The joy of a Christian is one of the greatest assets of our faith
  3. The joy of the Christian is one of satan’s worst nightmares.
    It is a threat to the kingdom of darkness; it throws the devil off-balance
  4. The enemy attempts to steal the joy of the child of God because the joy is a custodian of many spiritual dividends


1. Joy guarantees strength – spiritual and physical strength (Neh. 8:10b; Hab. 3:18-19, Prov. 24:10)

  • Supernatural strength is vehicle in joy
  • When your joy is attacked, your strength is attacked
  • If the enemy can steal your joy, he has succeeded in stealing your strength
  • It is never possible to be strong spiritually if you are bankrupt of joy

2. Joy guarantees health (Prov. 17:22)

  • Merriment is medicinal, and joy is therapeutic
  • It is possible for your health to be lost because your joy was lost
  • The loss of joy, which is called depression is a medical condition
  • If the devil steals your joy, he has stolen your health

3. Joy guarantees inspiration (Isa. 30:29-30, 2Kings 3:15)

  • Joy connects you with the frequency of Divine inspiration and direction
  • There are things you will know, directions you will receive from God at the frequency of joy
  • When the devil wants to keep you outside Divine inspiration and ideas, he baptizes you with depression, and depression will fertilize confusion and facilitate lack of direction

4. Joy brings answers to prayer (Eccl. 5:19-20; 1Sam. 1:18-19)

  • A joyful, excited person will see more answers to prayers than someone who is depressed, frustrated and quarrelling with God
  • If your joy is low, your answers will be low, if your joy is high, your answers will be high but if there is no joy, there can be no answers
  • If the devil wants to keep you from getting answers to your prayers, he will keep you in depression

5. Joy brings harvest and increase (Joel 1:10-12, Jer. 30:19)

  • Your harvest and increases in life are tied to your joy
  • If the devil wants to keep you small, he steals your joy
  • Everything dries up around the unhappy and depressed but everything flourishes around the joyful
  • If the devil cannot steal your joy, he can’t keep your goods

6. Joy is key to breakthrough (Isa. 55:12; Josh. 6:20)

  • This is breaking through limitations and obstacles
  • If you possess peace and proceed with joy, mountains scatter in front of you, hill break up and obstacles lose the power to stand before you
  • There are many obstacles in your life that will break forth before you if you can possess joy
  • With joy, a way can be made where there was none

7. Joy is key to Kingdom power and authority (Rom. 14:17)

  • The Kingdom functions by joy
  • To be a Kingdom powerbroker, you must possess joy
  • When the devil wants to deprive you of Kingdom benefits, he attacks your joy

8. Joy is key to enemy defeat (2Chron. 20:20)

  • Joy is key to victory in battle
  • The sound of joy sets confusion in the camp of the enemy; joy is a weapon of war
  • Joy turns the weapons of the enemy against each other and brings God on the scene
  • So when the enemy wants to keep himself in victory and keep you in defeat he attacks your joy because he knows that if your joy is intact, he stands no chance

9. Joy establishes the Presence of God (Ps. 16:11; 89:15)

  • The Presence of God in your life is vehicle by joy
  • Joy keeps you with God; it keeps you in the Presence of God
  • When the devil wants to take you out of the Presence of God, he attacks your joy because he knows that when you are outside of God’s Presence, you are vulnerable to anything


1. The choice for joy (Phil. 4:4, Hab. 3:18)

  • Joy is not a gift, it is a choice
  • The Lord alone is enough reason to rejoice
  • Don’t place your joy on things otherwise when those things are not doing well, your joy comes under attack
  • Make up your mind to make this one life an exciting life; don’t endure life, enjoy it!

2. The Word of God (Jer. 15:16; Ps. 119:162; Eccl. 11:7)

  • Scriptural light is fuel for joy
  • The light from Scripture is sweet, pleasant and exciting

3. Faith in God (1Pet. 1:8)

  • To believe is to rejoice; when you believe, you rejoice
  • Light brings faith and that faith causes an explosion of joy
  • To believe is to rejoice and to doubt is to be depressed

4. The life of uprightness (Ps. 51:12; 132:9)

  • There is a joy that we have when the conscience is clear
  • When you are clothed with righteousness, you explode in joy

5. Flowing in the Spirit (Rom. 14:17; Acts 2:13; Eph. 5:18-19)

  • Flowing in the Holy Spirit triggers your joy; it keeps you on joy overdrive
  • The Holy Spirit is a joy tonic

6. The assignment of souls (Luke 10:17)

  • It is not possible to go out for God for souls and not return with joy
  • Call an old classmate, neighbour or colleague and find out how they are doing; in this current situation where everything seems to be failing, encourage them to hand themselves over to the Only One that can’t fail – God

7. The setting and meeting of goals (Acts 20:24)

  • When you fulfil your goal, it releases your joy
  • Even in this situation, still set goals

Beloved, fight for your joy, defend and protect your joy


  1. Joy is not a gift, it is a choice
  • Nobody is gifted to be happy; if you have refused to be happy, that is the choice you have made!
  • Make up your mind that no devil, no force under heaven and no mortal human being will determine your joy
  1. Situations are not the problem; reactions to situations are the problem in life
  • What is your reaction to the current situation now?
  1. What happens around you is not as important as what happens in you
  • You may not have control over what happens around you, but you have control over what happens in you
  1. There is nothing new under the sun (1 Cor. 10:13; Eccl. 1:9)
  • Whatever you are confronting today, has once been confronted and conquered
  • There is nothing you are facing today that is not common; someone has once confronted it and collapsed it!
  • In times like these, it is always important to remember that there have always been times like these; people have always confronted and conquered them!


Thank You Lord for Your Word to us today. To You be all the glory Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, nothing can tamper with my joy. I have made up my mind to be excited, happy and fulfilled and no devil can tamper with it, in Jesus’ Name.

In the Name of Jesus, I reject the climate of depression; depression you have no place in my life, system and family, GET OUT!


  • This month of April is declared open in Jesus’ Name!
  • This month, everything that pertains to your life shall be delivered in Jesus’ Name!
  • We declare uprightness, righteousness, the life of God be made manifest in your life!
  • This month, you shall fulfil destiny!
  • You are blessed in your going out and in your coming in, in Jesus’ Name!
  • This month of April opens in your favour!
  • I declare the establishment of the rule, reign and dominion of God in this month of April for your life!
  • I prophesy, decree and declare that everything programmed into April for the world, for Nigeria, for Abuja and all the cities of Nigeria, that satanic programme is over in Jesus Name!
  • We speak the Blood of Jesus over coronavirus, your tenure expires now!
  • We declare businesses and communities shall comeback alive shortly
  • In this season of resurrection, Jehovah God shall reveal His resurrection power in Jesus’ Name!
  • Every destiny closed, this month it is opened!
  • Every supply belonging to you, in this month it is released!
  • Every sickness in your body is arrested!
  • Every system holding what belongs to you, in this month, they shall come under pressure to release to you what belongs to you!
  • In April, there shall be no loss! You shall fulfil you days

Tonic of Joy, excitement and fulfilment; every trace of depression is arrested!


  • That mountain before you is scattering and tearing into pieces by the joy of the Lord!
  • In this resurrection season, Jehovah shall visit us with resurrection power and show Himself strong to the nations of the world!
  • Freshness of help and grace
  • The Blessing of the communion is released upon you
  • Every demonic arrow planted in your body is retrieved and refired back to sender

Flatimes Notice Board: Until you are born again, God ever abiding presence will never be with you. You must be born again to enjoy continuous victory. Please say the displayed prayer below in faith:

Lord Jesus, come into my life. I accept You as my Lord and Personal Saviour. I believe in my heart You died and rose from the dead to save me. Thank You Lord for saving me, in Jesus name Amen.

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