Author: Kemi Oyedepo

Kindness really goes a long way, even in marriage. It’s so important to be conscious of showing kindness to those you may be in a relationship with or your spouse. The truth is that, kindness is so rare these days particularly in the marriage relationship. In fact husbands and wives are kinder to those outside of the home than to their spouses.

You see them going out of their way for their neighbours, work colleagues, church members than their spouses or family members. The same way charity begins at home, kindness or anything close to it, should begin at home. It should begin with those we are closest to. Kindness is exhibited through generous deeds; it is shown through caring and compassionate conduct, and soothing or comforting words.

A kind person always presents themselves with a mild and pleasant disposition and acts with tenderness and concern for others. Be concerned and look for ways to help out as you are capable and when your spouse needs help. It also affects your children and other family members in your home. If they don’t see the leaders in the family (husband and wife) demonstrating kindness to each other, it will be difficult for them to be kind to others. Don’t be blind to it. Don’t act though you can’t see it.

In the big things, in the little things, show kindness. In your actions, with your words , show kindness to each other. Check on each other, find out how your wife is doing with all her responsibilities, ask her how you can help. Find out how your hubby is doing also, ask him how you can help be of help.

Don’t just assume he/she is ok with all their responsibilities, they still need your help; that’s part of what you are both there for. You will do that with other people, including your children so why not your spouse? Kindness is such a simple act but it is required to build a strong and healthy relationship or marriage.

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