Kogi State Government says despite the great possibility that the State may experience flooding this year following NIMET prediction, it has assured that it is doing all it can to ensure that flood does not damage lives and properties.

Kogi State Deputy Governor and Chairman, Kogi State Flood Management Committee, Yomi Awoniyi stated this in a flood alert message to people of the State.
The Deputy Governor added that the State Government will begin the process of evacuation of people living along flood prune areas as soon as the water level increases to 11.0m calibrated on the scale of measurement, assured that government will live up to its responsibilities in averting loss of lives and properties.

Awoniyi disclosed that as at press time, the water level has gone up to 8.1m calibrated on the scale of measurement said the State Government would continue to monitor the rising level of the water to avert damage to lives and properties.

Awoniyi disclosed that while the rising up and down movement of the rising water level of the river Niger and Benue calls for concern, said for now it does not call for panic until the water level rises to 12.1m calibrated on the scale of measurement as observed in 2012 before it became a critical situation.

The Deputy Governor said this year’s flood is occasioned by the release of water from Lagdo Dam, maintained that States of Adamawa, Benue and Nassarawa along the axis of the River Benue are already experiencing flooding, warned that Kogi State would soon experience its own share of the flood.

The flood alert warning Awoniyi disclosed, has become necessary for people to be vigilant, appealed to people living in the nine flood prone Local Government Areas that were affected by flood in 2012 to be extremely vigilant, urged them to listen to all warning from government as it relates to the expected flooding.

Awoniyi disclosed that the State would be better prepared than it did in 2012 to tackle the flood this year, appealed to residents in flood prone areas to relocate to higher grounds as soon as possible, and as the water approaches their surroundings.

Awoniyi urged residents to also be prepared noting that some areas may experience flash flooding, begged them to in such cases move to safer places, disclosing that the State is more concerned about the peoples safety now and at all times.

Chief Press Secretary,
Office of the Deputy Governor,
Kogi State.

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