Col. Sambo Dansuki, Nigeria’s national security adviser, today during a question and answer session at a conference in London suggested next month’s presidential and parliamentary elections should be postponed because not all voter cards had been distributed. Dansuki said this has been his advice to INEC, but the chairman keeps insisting everyone will have one before elections, but he doubts if that can be so. Hear him;

“We said (to the Independent National Electoral Commission), look, there is a problem… We still have about 30 million… (voter) cards to distribute.

“Look at the possibility of shifting this thing and doing it when everybody has a card because it doesn’t cost you anything, it is still within the law and it is safer for all of us.

“So, that is what we are encouraging. They (INEC) keep assuring us that everybody will have his card but I doubt it,” he said.

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