Olalekan’s 6 Tips On Dress Shirts For Men

Dress shirts are nice, but knowing the right shirt to buy will definitely help you achieve that desired look you crave for. With the appropriate colour, collar, size, sleeve length and fabric, you will look your best.

However, dressing well goes beyond the features mentioned above. For the CEO of Ethereal Couture, Lagos, Olalekan Oladele: “Every man wants to look smart, sophisticated and younger in their dress shirts. Some feel that wearing expensive branded shirts is the key, but that is not always the case. To possess that suave masculine look without breaking the bank, there are guidelines to follow.”

Olalekan’s tips:

  1. Choose the right shirt size: It is always advisable to test every shirt before paying for it; this will enable you to know how well it fits. Choose shirts that have ample space and are comfortable on you and avoid oversize and body-hugging shirts.
  2. Watch out for the collars: Shirt collars are very vital parts because they outline your face, especially when ties are worn. Avoid collars that leave too much space and those that tend to strangle you when the collar button(s) is done. Also, do not tighten your tie so much that it leaves you gasping for breath.
  3. Check the shirt length: Make sure the shirt length reaches just around your hips. Anything longer could make your trouser bulge when tucked in while anything shorter could make your tucked-in shirt jump out of your waist when you bend or stretch your arm a little.
  4. Be mindful of the fabrics: shirts made of high percentage of cotton are best as office wear because of their texture, durability and can be easily maintained. If 100 per cent cotton shirts are too expensive, you can opt for shirts made of a blend of cotton and other textiles.
  5. Confirm the sleeve size and length: The sleeves are another vital part of a dress shirt. Make sure the sleeves are not too tight or bogus from the biceps to the cuffs. Also ensure that the sleeves stop just after the wrist bone, at the base of the palms … this is crucial when wearing a jacket. The sleeves make you look sloppy when too long or funny when too short.
  6. Think of the shirt patterns and colours and keep in mind your trouser and tie: Dress shirts come in different cuts, colours and patterns, but most come in neutral colours and subtle designs. The idea is to look stylish and professional without causing unnecessary distraction. Avoid wearing brightly coloured shirts or those with flowery designs to the office except it is customary in your work environment. Plain shirts can be worn with any type of trouser — plain or striped. It is safer to wear patterned shirts with plain trousers and plain ties. Beware of wearing striped shirts on striped trousers and ties to avoid looking like a clown. And don’t forget to always match your belt colour with your shoes.

Written by Geraldine Akutu