Dunamis Paul Enenche


SERVICE OBJECTIVE: Understanding the open door power of the Word of God

The keeping of the Word of God is a qualification for open doors
Worded people are never victims of closed doors


  1. The door of the prison opened for Joseph to regain his freedom when his Word came (Ps. 105:17-20)
  2. The door of liberty from captivity for Israel became a possibility when Daniel found what was written in the book of the prophet Jeremiah (Dan. 9:2; Jer. 29:10)
    When your Word comes, your chain breaks
  3. The door of manifestation and ministry fulfilment was opened for the Master Jesus when He found what was written concerning Him (Luke 4:16-21)
    When something becomes your revelation, it has become your manifestation
    When you locate what is written concerning you, you command the attention of your generation (Luke 4:20)
    When you know what is written concerning you, you can’t be written off by men
    When you know what is written concerning you, you become a living, written epistle
  4. The door of frustration was closed and the door of satisfaction was opened for Peter when the Word came to him in his distress (Luke 5:1-6)


  1. The Word of God represents spiritual keys for the opening of diverse doors for God’s people (Matt. 16:16-19; Luke 11:52a)
    The knowledge of the Word is key to liberty
    Every realm where you have located the Word, in that realm you have located keys to triumph
  2. The Word of God is the same as the God of the Word (John 1:1; 1Sam. 3:21; Ps. 114:1-8)
    The Presence of God is tied to the Word of God
    The Word of God equals the Presence of God and the Presence of God equals supernatural openings (Ps. 114:1-8)
    When the Word arrives, the Lord appears and when the Lord appears, obstacles disappear
    When the Word arrives, the Lord appears and when the Lord appears, doors open
  3. The Word of God is Light and Light uncovers darkness and exposes access (John 1:5; Ps. 119:105)
  4. The Word of God opens the door to the works of God (Ps. 33:4; Gen. 1:3)
    Let the possibility of the Glory Dome enlarge your dare-ability


  1. The Revealed Word (Matt. 16:16-19; Ps. 119:130, 18)
    While you are studying the Bible, that Word that is revealed to you, has come to give you access
    You can ask God for the revelation of His Word (Ps. 119:18)
  2. The Sent Word (Ps. 105:17-19; 107:20; Luke 5:4-6; Ps. 43:3)
    You can ask God to send that particular Word to you for the particular situation you are going through
  3. The Kept Word (Rev. 3:8; Rom. 12:1-2)
    The Kept Word is the Word you have in your custody; it is the resident revelation – the Word you think, act and live
    The Word is made resident by continuous review (Rom. 12:1-2)
    Resident revelations make doors to open
  4. The Declared Word (Isa. 43:26; 44:26; Num. 14:28)
    Your liberation is tied to your declaration
    When you are declaring, you are not just talking, you are opening doors
    The best time to declare is when the situation looks contrary

Father, I come before You to obtain keys for the opening of prison doors, the turning of captivity, the stepping into ministry, the closing of every door of frustration and opening of every door of satisfaction. Father, let Your presence appear as I open Your Word, let your light shine Lord in Jesus’ Name.

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Father, open my eyes in this season to behold wonders out of Your Word. Send Your Word into my life and situation

Father, I receive the grace to review Your Word until it is resident in me; Father, I receive the discipline to continually declare Your Word, I receive it now!

Communion of victory and the opening of the eyes
By this communion, your eyes are open, and you are being connected to the Word you need; every form of blindness in your life is tackled by the Communion

  • Tonight shall be a night of Divine visitations, eye-opening visitations, mystery-dissolving visitations!
  • By the power of the Blood of Jesus, in the communion tonight, every plot of the kingdom of hell against your life and family, every organised pain for you and your family, is broken!


  • Every altar from my history, family, village or community drawing me backwards, o you altar, catch fire NOW!
  • Every stranger in my life, return back to hell now!


  • You shall not be wasted like chicken! Where blood is shed yours shall never be shed!
  • As the Book is opened to you, every captivity around your life shall break
  • The revelations coming your way tonight shall usher you into your manifestation!
  • Every frustration packaged for you by the devil is returning back to hell!
  • This Christmas shall be your best!
  • That door that you’ve been looking for shall be exposed to you tonight by light!
  • Under the next 24hours, the scriptures will speak directly to you! They shall guide and direct you accurately in this season!
  • This December, God will take the devil by surprise in your life!
  • In the Name that is above every name, you will end this year well (Eccl. 7:8)!
  • In the Name that is above every name, Jesus Christ the resurrected Lord, the Word of God is coming your way and changing your story!
  • Everything that seems impossible to men, impossible to women and impossible to all those around you, God shall make it possible in your life!
  • Every revelation, vision and wisdom needed for the opening of your doors is released upon you now!
  • Every demon that said you should end this year empty, their powers are broken!
  • Something that belongs to you that the devil has been sitting on, that devil is losing his peace until that which belongs to you is returned into your hands!
  • For a woman the door of the womb has been opened now, for a young lady the door of marriage has been opened, for a young man, that stagnation is over!
  • Every spirit of backwardness taking you back in life and destiny, that spirit is broken right now!
  • Every blessing available on this altar or any testimony you have ever heard shared that you desire, it is your portion!
  • Your life shall not end in mockery! You shall not serve God in vain!

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