Dunamis Paul Enenche


SERVICE OBJECTIVE: Understanding the profit of uprightness

Uprightness is profitable because God has never called anybody to seek Him in vain (Isa. 45:19)
It is clear in Scripture that God is not a User or Waster of people, He is a Raiser of people
We have seen in Scripture that God is a Rewarder of the diligent seeker (Heb. 11:6; Job 1:1,3)
Serving God is profitable on earth and in Heaven (1Tim. 4:8)

1. Divine Presence (Isa. 33:14-16; Ps. 24:3-6; 15:1-5)
God is attracted to the devoted
1a. Uprightness of life, like the lifestyle of worship, grants access to the Presence of God
1b. Uprightness of life lifts people from the low places of the earth to the high places where God dwells
1c. Uprightness of life provokes the pleasure and companionship of God (Amos 3:3; Matt. 3:17; Luke 3:22)

2. Answered prayer (Ps. 66:18; Isa. 59:1-2)
2a. Uprightness of life grants people access to the Presence of God (Ps. 24:3-5)
2b. Uprightness of life grants people boldness and faith to approach God in prayer (Prov. 28:1)
2c. Uprightness of life grants audience with God (Isa. 59:1-2)

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3. Divine Preservation (Isa. 33:16; Job 1:1,10)
The upright is not wastable by witches, occultic powers or agents of wickedness (Job 1:10)
3a. Uprightness ushers the upright unto existence in the realm that is beyond the reach of harm (Isa. 33:16)
3b. Uprightness establishes the hedge of Divine protection around the upright (Job 1:10)
3c. Uprightness eliminates timidity and the elimination of fear and timidity is the elimination of calamity (Prov. 28:1; Job 3:25)
Where fear dies, calamity perishes; the possession of audacity is the deletion of calamity

4. Divine Provision (Isa. 33:16; Ps. 37:25-26, 112:1-4, 45:7-9,12; Dan. 1:8-9)
4a. There is a Divine budgetary allocation for the upright with God
4b. The budgetary allocation for the righteous is guaranteed by
the covenant practice of giving and receiving (Ps. 37:25-26)
4c. The righteous possesses a heritage of favour with God (Ps. 5:12)

5. Divine direction (Prov. 11:3; Ps. 37:23, 32:1-2,5,8)
5a. Uprightness and integrity of life provokes the involvement of God in the actions and steps of life
5b. Uprightness and integrity of life attracts the Presence of God and the Presence of God directs your life(Ps. 24:3-4; Exo. 13:21-22)
5c. Uprightness and integrity are spiritual principles with in-built capacity to guide life’s actions and steps (Prov. 11:3,5)

6. Eternity with God (Heb. 12:14; Dan. 12:2-3; Rev. 21:27)
6a. Integrity and upright living establishes the upright in God’s Presence on the earth
6b. Upright living qualifies the upright for God’s Presence in eternity
6c. Upright living destroys the claim of the enemy on the life of the upright (John 14:30)

1. Never allow your heart to envy sinners and Godless people; remain in the fear of God (Prov. 23:17-18)
It is better to be slow and sure than to be fast and die or fail!

2. Never be weary of doing the right thing, due season always arrives for the diligent seeker of God (Gal. 6:9; Heb. 11:6)

3. Keep seeking God for how to worship and serve Him better (Phil. 3:12-14)

Father, I refuse to be tired, I will serve You and continue to serve You. Show me Lord better ways to serve You. Show me what to do Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Impartation for open doors

– Every smell of reproach disfavour and rejection shall be replaced by the small of favour and acceptance
– Principal people, royalties shall begin to look for you and what you represent!
– There is the termination of generational and ancestral curses
– Everything calling you back to the village, to your history and background is broken right now!
– I decree the end of mockery, shame and reproach!
– I prophesy upon you, everyone who has been living straight for God whose rewards have been delayed, from this service, your delayed rewards have been released!
– The spell of barrenness is over forever! Every womb closed is opened NOW!
– Receive the grace to love righteousness and hate wickedness!
– The Oil of gladness above your contemporaries is released upon you now!
– I prophesy celebration and gladness!
– From today, the fragrance of favour shall be your portion!
– Every arrow fired into your life is returned back to sender!
– Every spirit of rejection and disfavour is broken from off your life and Divine favour is released to you in Jesus’ Name!
– Every marital embargo is lifted right now in Jesus’ Name!
– Whatever the devil closed in your life is opened in Jesus’ Name!

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