Topic: Positioning for Favour

Positioning for Favour means positioning yourself for an act of kindness. As a child of God, if you position yourself rightly, you will enjoy long-lasting favour. If you want lasting favour, you must work on your character. Character is doing what is right even when it is not convenient. Character deficiency leads to favour deficiency.

Character is mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual; it is a particular combination of a person that makes him/her different from others. Those who mar their character will never be made in life. No matter how gifted you are, when you lack character you will lose favour. Uphold integrity and withstand dishonesty. Proverbs 3:3-4, 11:27, 12:2; Ecclesiastes 7:1.

When your Christianity lacks character, it ends in disaster; character protects your talents and potentials. One’s true character is revealed when you are under pressure.

Biblical Examples of Favour Beneficiaries:
1. Joseph — Genesis 37:2-3, 39:4-6, 21-23. Joseph was favour personified. He enjoyed all-round favour despite all odds. His character catapulted him to a very high position in the land of Egypt.
2. Daniel – Daniel 1:8, 20.
3. Esther – God made Esther to be favoured because she followed every instruction from Mordecai.
4. Virgin Mary – Luke 1:26-28. If you have character, you have a future.
5. Jesus – Philippians 2:5-11. God exalted Jesus because He had impeccable character. Character demands humility.

How to Develop Godly Character:
1. Let God’s Word be your guide and standard (Psalm 119:11).
2. Stand only for the truth – Psalm 101:7
3. Maintain a healthy conscience – Conscience is the moral being within a human being – 1 Timothy 4:2.: When you are rightly positioned in life, you shine and your blessings come without struggle.
4. Have the fear of God – Psalm 112:1-3.: Those who fear God end up with wealth and riches in their houses.
5. Have values –
God measures the heart, man measures the head.
You must not sacrifice your belief system to please any man.
Never compromise your integrity. Have values.
A man of integrity prefers his name over profit.
You cannot bury a man of character.
6. You must set boundaries. When liberty lacks control it becomes captivity. You need to become a law to yourself.
7. Have posterity in view – Proverbs 13:22: always think of your future legacy in everything you do.

Benefits of Having a Godly Character:
1. You will be trusted – Matthew 25:21.
2. You will make heaven – Matthew 25:21.

The pathway that guarantees unending favour is godly character:
Godly Character:
Godly character is the will to do the right thing in a wrong environment.
Character is to be predictable to do the right thing when no one is watching. Integrity is the mother of dignity. Christianity without character is disaster. Integrity is to be one with self – 1 Samuel 2:26,1 Samuel 12:3.
God wants us to enjoy favour but we need to possess godly character to maintain the favour; Godly character sets the pace for divine favour.

Below are some Key Points:

Who you are is more important than what you do.
You do not wait for favour, you make favour to happen in your life.
Favour is your heritage as a child of God. It is the free gift of God we receive to function in life – Psalm 102:13.
When a man builds his character, he builds his future.
Your future is not a function of what you do but a function of who you are.
If you desire to enjoy lasting favour, work on your character.
The greatest test of character/integrity is how trust worthy you are when handling funds.
A life without character ends in disaster.
Character is the bedrock for lasting success.
Favour singles a person of character out and distinguishes them.
Favour is the heritage of believers.
Character is the sustainer of favour.
Favour is the heritage of the children of God – Psalm 5:12.
Every child of God is meant to enjoy favour.

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