Retired Army Officials Vow to Fight Back

Some of the army officers who were placed on compulsory retirement by Army authorities have decided to fight back.

The officials said their retirement was done out of mischief and vendetta, and that many of them never appeared before any board of inquiry, neither did their offices have anything to do with the 2015 general elections for which they were being victimized.

“Look at the list of those retired. These are brigade commanders, GOCs and commanding officers, who served in all the states lost by the APC to PDP. “What is our offence? Would we have forced the people to vote for candidates other than their choice?” one officer queried.

“Thank God, this is democracy and we have a right to be heard. They have done their bit but many of us have decided, we are going to fight this injustice in court,” another officer said. “Some people cannot just arrogate power to themselves and ruin the careers of other persons who have given their all to the nation.”


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